MGP - how to increase attendence...
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MGP - how to increase attendence...
I was asked my opinion on how to get more people to attend the MGP.

And I know you have the Tourist Board over there that is in charge of this...

BUT, I think there are some relatively easy methods to get more people... the (Vintage and Modern) Bike Clubs..! So for 2008 the BSA Club had their International Rally on the IOM for the very first time in 46 years. I bet they come back a LOT sooner next time..! They had about 400 bikes and 600 people..? Yes they even established a Guiness World Book record... So, my suggestion is now go to the Triumph Club, Velo Club, Ducati Club, the Vintage Japanese Club(s), etc.. politely put down the gauntlet so to speak... see how many THOSE clubs are planning to bring over...(maybe have a perpetual trophy of something not expensive but "fun" for them.).

For the smaller clubs, why not try to get two or three clubs to come on the same year...

I suspect some of the clubs do not know how to arrange such a meeting, so some help in getting a campsite or other accomodations is needed... Hopefully there is some form of a "Welcome" package available, if not perhaps that would be a good start..!

FYI, some clubs come every year, like the Gold Star Owner's Club, which will have a big gathering next year..

Then a short "Thank You" letter sent to the Club magazine afterwards, and asking them to come back is great P.R. and costs nothing..!!

And even with the lousy weather... almost everyone wants to come back..!!

Check out these links from 2008

The biggest issue was setting up their dinner dance.. hard to find a place on the Island that will hold about 600 people and feed them and of course have room for a live band..!


Ron - The crazy Yank that loves the MGP..!!
26-09-2009, 05:44 PM
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RE: MGP - how to increase attendence...
biggest prob is; THE COSTS TO GET TO IOM!!, Think about it, i know my mates went off to Moto GPs this year, less money, than it took them for the TT.
A Plane to Spain, takes over 3 hrs, from NI to IOM takes 20 mins, plane trip to spain was actually less than same for the trip to IOM!!, YET Spainish trip takes 9 time longer!!
Doesnt take enistien to work out why people go abroad now, ALSO lack of entertainment during TT week hasnt proved to be a positive move, as for the MGP, I luv it, but again, the costs to get there are the biggest prob
28-09-2009, 11:01 PM
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