Road Racing Poetry - Bob Jackson Snr

Bob the moral winner of the Senior TT race
Went out on extra petrol at a very steady pace.

With Honda seeking number one alongside Simon Beck
The pit crews scrambled madly and the grandstand craned its neck

They watched as Bob roared past them as they sat there taking fuel
"he's put a bigger tank in and he's gone straight bloody through"

With Winston’s trusty Kwacker - on the pipe and sounding sweet
Bob the flyer rang its neck and never missed a beat.

The factory boys were hopping as they realised the plot
Bob was going to win the race and fox the bloody lot.

But on the third and fateful lap when Bob came in to pit
the script was changed forever while poor Bob could only sit

The fuel cap was a bastard fit because the tank was odd
the race was being lost because of Jackson’s crafty mod.

They tried and tried but couldn't get the wretched cap to click
when they finally got the bugger in he really lit the wick.

The crowd could see his anger as he stood the bike on end
and for the laps remaining - he nailed each and every bend.
But though he tried the hardest and the crowd all willed him on
He was beaten by mere seconds and his Senior chance had gone.
Our hearts bled for Bob Jackson as he took his second place
he was morally the winner of that fascinating race.

'though his name was on the trophy for he truly "kept her lit"
He should have been the winner but the cap just wouldn't fit.

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