Road Racing Poetry - Rain Men

Do you ever have a moment as you shiver in the cold
watching motorcycle racers in the rain?
When a most peculiar feeling overtakes you all at once
a feeling that you have to be insane.

I'm curious to know if other people feel this way
I'd hate to think that I'm the only one.
As freezing water dribbles down the middle of your back
does it settle in a puddle round your bum?

Traditionally it happens at the starting of the year
at Cookstown like as not it's lashing down.
Do you blow your frozen hands to stop your fingers dropping off
while muck sticks both your wellies to the ground.

And when the practice starts and stops - and starts and stops again
do you wonder if you'll ever see a race?
As all the while a hurricane is whipping up a storm
and doing its best to skin your freezing face.

Do you strike a conversation with the chap who's next to you
the one whose frozen teeth won't let him speak.
His look of consternation says "I wish I was at home"
and just then both your wellies start to leak.

Do you think you must be loony to be doing what you do
in weather better suited to a duck.
And as you stand and shiver do you wish you were at home
with drink in hand and curled up with a book.

But when those brave lads on their bikes start flying through the spray
is it then you feel a little bit of cheer.
Or by the time the day is done are you a beaten man
thinking "no way am I coming back next year".

So I know I'm not the only one who's out there in the rain
just getting soaked when racing days are bad.
And I know that we'll keep doing it for though we must be daft
it's not just racers who are raving mad.

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