Road Racing Poetry - The Micro takes the Crown

The morning cracked us into life - the Skerries sky was blue,
the smell of bacon frying and the waft of two-stroke too

All about was fevered haste - the pits alive with sound
we strolled in dazed confusion as the pit crews milled around.

The final checks were being made to chariots of steel
we were in the way and so we turned a speedy heel.

Practice had been perfect and they reached unheard of speeds
someone on this lovely day would blow them to the weeds

The flag was dropped and all the 125 wheels pawed the air
dust and dirt flew all about with blue smoke everywhere

As sure as daytime dawns and sets the Micro got the start
With Ian Lougher looking to upset the apple cart

On lap three while the micro lead - the red flag stopped the race
And when the grid reformed we saw the Micros focussed face

They let them go a second time and as it was before
swapping elbows, paint and places too, as up the road they tore

True giants of the track they were - on rubber burning pace
their times would now be added up to find who'd win the race

Lougher had the edge as both the pilots sped around
looking for the extra horses if they could be found

Flying thru' the bomb hole as their back wheels skipped about
then heading for the finish, sure you couldn't pick one out

They rounded St Movee to drag the endless straight it seemed
and Lougher still just held it as the tiny engines screamed
tightly rounding Schoolhouse with the Micro just behind
Lougher took the flag but would he also beat the time

Alas for Ian not enough, just point two two away
the Micro had the vital edge on this amazing day

He'd raced on all tracks far and wide and this year won the lot
it ended as it started as he gave us all he'd got

A fitting grand finale to a title-winning year
a memorable Killalane for sure I'm drooling for next year.

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