Road Racing Poetry - The Skerries Jive

I stop at the paddock with a bump and a skid
I step onto the blacktop of the sacred grid
I'm back to the place where my heroes ride
my yearly pilgrimage - the hassle put aside

I walk the course and I take it all in
friends calling out saying how have you been
Put away the motor - at last I'm here
body is gaggin' for the action and the beer

I stroll to the paddock with a smile on my face
a happy happy guy all alone in my space
takin' in the Castrol R - the burgers 'n chips
I loosen my belt to accommodate my hips

Dublin Corner on the grass sitting down
close to my heroes and the screaming sounds
eyeballs bulging in "BIG D" mode
keep on the black stuff - the Guinness and the road

For the 125s - Baldungan is the deal
threading thru Dukes on the narrow back wheel
hear them screaming as they go for the win
dogs cats and grannies - keep them all locked in.

Go to Glasshouses for 600 race
Archibald Britton, and Donnan on the pace
watch them wheelie as they power away
it doesn't get better than Skerries day

Mad mad Gillies for the big big bikes
crazy action - you've never seen the likes
goin' in hard and poppin' out fast
trying like Joey and the heroes of the past

On to Skerries when the racings done
talk to the riders and have some fun
sink a few pints in the Yacht or the Coast
Skerries is the place with the best and the most

Back home on Monday too knackered to speak
beer and adrenaline sure makes you weak
I'm planning for the next one if I'm alive
The Skerries 100 sure is a jive

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