Joey Dunlop Injured Riders Fund ( Isle of Man )

April 2001 Newsletter

To all of those who have given us their encouragement and support thus far, the Committee and I, are pleased to advise that this is the second of many up-dates to keep you informed of our future plans.

Having held our recent committee meeting on Wednesday, 4th April 2001, I will now provide our kind supporters with our up-date:-

As there are quite a few issues to cover, I will start with a BIG THANK YOU to all of you who took part in our previous fund raising event at the "Night at the Races". All who were present were extremely helpful, especially the ladies who assisted Barbara and I with the tickets for all the races involved.

A special thank you goes to Roy Moore for organising the event, and also his helpers who were very professional indeed. Also, not forgetting the Famous Commentators themselves, Geoff Cannell and Peter Kneale who really did us proud - it was like listening to a full road racing commentary on the radio……………….well done guys!!

Because of all your kind donations and sponsorship, the fund received a total of £658.70 - a good night's work.

On behalf of the committee I would also like to thank the sponsors of the "Night at the Races" and these are as follows:-

  • Manx Glass and Glazing
  • Investasure Financial Services Limited
  • Photofinish
  • Lombard Manx
  • B&B Furniture
  • All those who took part in the "Great Local Challenge" and raised money for the auctioning of the races.

Not forgetting, Douglas Golf Club for letting us hire the room for the evening and the assistance of their kind staff.

Now we move on to other issues……….

I am sure you are all well aware of the Foot and Mouth epidemic and how it could really affect the T.T festival and other road races. However, just in case we are very lucky and the Island actually holds the T.T, I am going to list a few of the Special edition Joey Dunlop items that will be on sale for you to purchase in the next month or so, subject to the T.T of course;
  • Special edition Joey Dunlop T. Shirts and Badges

There are also Special Edition stamps / Joey King of the Mountain Deluxe Folders available for purchase. The cost of the folders are £20.00 with £2.50 from the sale of each folder being allocated to our fund.

Our Thanks goes to Dot Tilbury and also the local Post Office for their kind help and support.

Don't forget the brick cards which are available now for you to purchase; the card is about A4 size and individuals can sign one brick for £1.00. Alternatively, a Corporate Brick Card may be purchased for £50.00 to cover the whole card.

We are hoping to sell the above items during the T.T Mad Sunday Lap of Honour, as it is hoped that there will be 125 helpers placed around the T.T course. (This is subject to the lap of honour going ahead).

There will also be stalls placed behind the Grandstand at the Hailwood Centre and other areas of the T.T to enable you to purchase all the Special Edition wares, and to also enable you to make any donations to the fund. Don't forget, with the Lift Hoist already being built, the largest expense will be the six bedroomed Joey Dunlop Travel Lodge; it is hoped this will be built before the 2002 T.T festival, that is why it is really important that this years T.T goes ahead, not only for our fund, but for the Island in general and all those keen racers out there who enjoy the festival soooo much!

Should we hear the unfortunate news that the T.T will not be going ahead, I will be back before our next committee meeting with a Special Bulletin to provide you with any alternative fund raising events / ideas and let you know what our plans will be.

Now I must mention another fund raising item that will be donated to our Joey Dunlop Injured Riders Fund (Isle of Man). This is a special CD and is available from the Manx Radio Studio. The name of the CD is "Our Quiet Hero" and is a tribute to Joey by Phil Coulter. If you go to Manx Radio's website: you can hear a 40 second sample. This is a must for all Joey fans around the world.

The cost is £4.99 P&P and £1.00 will go to our fund for every CD sold. Thanks Manx Radio for all your help and support.

I will now provide you with details of our next fund raising event; sorry gents, no sex discrimination here, but we are holding our next event for the ladies as we know you are not really interested in Crystals and what they can do for your life…..…are you?

An Informal Talk with Linda from the 4th Dimension Body, Mind and Spirit Shop, Ramsey.

To be held on Tuesday, 24th April 2001 At the CronkBourne Cricket Club, Douglas at 8.00pm

Tickets are £10.00 including Buffet - For further information, please phone Barbara on 628089 from today until the 24th or email Angela at: From April 18th - 24th.

As this looks to be a very special and interesting evening, there are sixty tickets available. First come, first served so purchase your ticket now for a great night!

Don't forget, if you happen to be going to the North West 200, make sure you go to "York Corner" where you will see our Fund's Treasurer, Kevin Quirk and Chairperson, Barbara Wood with a special stall selling our Brick Cards and any other items they can get their hands on.
Please give them your full support as they will be very happy to see you all.

In closing, I would like to wish David Cretney, M.H.K and Minister of Tourism all our support in his current and future meetings in respect of the Island's tourism and T.T Festival. I hope he can find / receive some form of compromise within the next month or so, to enable us all to receive a decision about the T.T races and also any other Island Road races scheduled to be held this year.

The Committee would like to thank you all for your kind support and donations thus far.

Thank you all for reading this publication, I hope you found the contents to be of interest.

Best regards,
The Joey Dunlop Injured Riders (Isle of Man) Fund Secretary

For any information on the JDIRF(IOM), please do not hesitate to contact any of the committee members, their details are stated below;

Chairperson Barbara Wood on: 628089 (home)
Secretary Angela G Wood on: 622590 (home)
Treasurer Kevin Quirk on: 615755 (work) or 677606 (home)


Linda Dunlop - Patron
Jason Griffith - President
Bob Jackson - Vice President
Legal Adviser - John Watterson
Advisers - David Cretney, M.H.K
John Houghton, M.H.K

Joey Dunlop Injured Riders Fund ( Isle of Man )