Joey Dunlop Injured Riders Fund ( Isle of Man )

March 2001 Newsletter

To all of those who have given us their encouragement and support thus far, the Committee and I, are pleased to advise that this up-date is to be the first of many to keep you informed of our future plans.

Upon returning from our third committee meeting held last Wednesday, it is becoming very clear that the Joey Dunlop Injured Riders Fund (Isle Of Man) is attracting a wide range of interest and huge support, thanks to all our kind supporters and people who have assisted with our cause, since November of last year.

Now we have managed to complete the first objective of the fund, with the assistance of our Committee's adviser, The Hon David Cretney, M.H.K in conjunction with the Isle of Man Government's Tourism and Leisure Department, together with our additional adviser, John Houghton, M.H.K., I am pleased to inform you, that there will be a Lift Hoist built and seats available from the Southern end of the Grandstand for disabled people to view the races for this years T.T festival. (This was confirmed during a Grandstand site meeting in January 2001)

Without your kind support and donations, this would not have happened!

Now we are aiming for our next objective to be complete, and that is to build the disablement lodge that you have all been hearing about. This lodge will also be named after Joey Dunlop and will be purposely built for a disabled persons needs.

This will really assist any person staying at the lodge in that they will enjoy a comfortable environment and have everything they need to provide a very relaxed atmosphere. The lodge will be available for any disabled person for 45 weeks of the year, with the remaining 7 weeks held for our injured riders both locally, and also for those who wish to visit the Island to watch the Island's road race events.

I am sure you can understand, that this particular project will cost a lot of money to be built, and although we are currently holding discussions with the Government and other interested parties, I cannot comment further at this time, however, I will keep you posted as soon as I can release any information on the project.

Fund Raising Events

The committee held their first fund raising event in February where we held a family quiz night. This proved to be extremely successful and Kevin Quirk and Barbara Wood did a fantastic job and raised £469.00 in total. (sorry I couldn't be there on this occasion).

Our next fund raising event, will be held at the following:


The commentary will be made by Roy Moore and Geoff Cannell. Grandstand seats are £2.00 and the Roads Close at 8.00 pm for the First Race to take place at 8.30pm.

As this event looks like it's going to be very enjoyable and is already attracting a lot of attention, please phone our Committee's Chairperson:-

Barbara Wood on: 628089 (home) to reserve / purchase your tickets or email her at:


There are many fund raising events to take place over 2001, so to ensure you are constantly up-dated, I will do my best to provide info on the next event in the contents of my next Joey Dunlop Injured Riders Fund (Isle Of Man) up-date in April.

As well as the above, we have something else that may be of interest to you - this is a Brick Card. The aim is to attract individuals and/or corporate bodies to buy a brick with the idea that they are directly contributing (in a novel way) to the actual raw materials when building the lodge.

The card is about A4 size and individuals can sign one brick for £1.00. Alternatively, a Corporate Brick Card may be purchased for £50.00 to cover the whole card.

Once the disablement lodge / building has been constructed and built, the Bricks will be placed in a display unit for preservation within the lodge so visitors would be able to attest to the donors generosity for years to come. The Brick Card is attracting a lot of support and we would welcome you to reserve a space.

To order your space you can contact our committee's Treasurer:-
Kevin Quirk on Tel no: 615755 (work) or 677606 (home)

Where Kevin will only be too pleased to forward a Brick Card to you.

In conclusion of this up-date I would also like to point out, that as the fund has become so large, we are now going through the process of forming a Registered Charity; so I am very pleased to be able to announce that the following people (apart from Linda) are additional to our usual committee members and advisers:

Linda Dunlop - Patron

Jason Griffiths - President

Bob Jackson - Vice President

John Watterson - Legal Adviser

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of myself and all those involved in our fund / charity to say thank you for all your involvement and a big thanks to Paul and the gang at TT for letting us have this space on the site to enable us to provide you with regular up-dates / special bulletins that may be of interest.

A special thank you goes to Mrs Linda Dunlop, our charity's Patron.

Linda has been extremely brave throughout this most difficult of years and without her kind support and permission we could have not formed this fund / charity. Linda has mentioned to me personally, that not only is she very happy with what everyone is doing on behalf of the fund, but so would Joey himself. Linda advised that Joey would have been very proud to represent our cause for the Injured Riders Fund and what it represents.

If you would like any further information in respect of the above or any other matter involving our fund / charity, then please do not hesitate to contact me on behalf of the committee on tel no: 622590 (home) or email me at:

Thank you for taking the time to read this up-date, I hope you have found the contents to be of interest.

Best regards,
Angela G. Wood - Secretary

PS: Watch out for Kevin Quirk's comments on our fund in the Isle of Man Newspapers . This is due to be featured sometime this week.

Joey Dunlop Injured Riders Fund ( Isle of Man )