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The Bianchi that went to Doncaster and ended up a Yamaha!

We have been asked to trace pictures of a single cylinder 250cc Bianchi, manufactured around 1959.
Roberto Patrignani was due to ride this machine in the Lightweight TT, but his entry was refused. This machine found its way to Fron Purslow, and Bill Smith rode it at the 1962 TT, where, to quote Bill, he "blew it up in a big way!".

The machine was later fitted with a BSA C15, then a Villiers Starmaker unit, before being purchased by Peter Doncaster, who put a Yamaha TD1C engine in it. In this form, now renamed as Doncaster Yamaha, Billie Nelson rode it in the 1967 Lightweight TT.

We have found 3 pictures of it as the Doncaster Yamaha, but would dearly love to find one in its original form.

Please contact :
Don Sellars,
17 Church Road,
Lancs, OL3 7BE.

The later Bianchi twins, designed by Lino Tonti which succeeded the singles were raced at the TT by Derek Minter, Osvaldo Perfetti, Alistair King and Bob McIntyre.

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