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Peeps of the Past

With the cancellation of racing this years Peeps is going on line. From over half a million images, I have selected 80+ which show racing from bygone days.
Please feel free to add any further information or memories to these pictures, or request other riders or machines.
Bill Snelling -

 Peeps of the Past

1908-1 Jack Marshal
1909-1 J. Leno
1911-1 H. Rem Fowler
1911-2 Norman Slatter
1913-1 A Scott rider, possibly Frank Applebee
1914-1 Phil Derkum
1914-2 The start line
1914-3 Cyril Pullin
1920-1 The Senior Field
1921-1 Desolation Road: Harold Petty
1922-1 Howard Davies
1922-2 A Veloce ridden by Stan Jones
1925-1 Stanley Woods
1926-1 Alec Bennett shadows Wal Handley
1927-1 G. L. Reynard takes Signpost Corner
1932-1 Wal Handley
1932-2 HRH Prince George chats to Jimmy Simpson
1936-1 Austin Munks
1937-1 Les Archer Senior
1938-1 Ewald Kluge exiting Windy Corner
1939-1 Harley Deschamps poses with his Manx Norton
1939-2 Ted Mellors through Quarter Bridge
1947-1 Ken Bills
1947-2 Manliff Barrington on his Guzzi
1948-1 Artie Bell leaves Governors Bridge
1949-1 Geoff Duke lines up at a Windy Corner
1950-1 Frank Sheene
1950-2 Vic Willoughby loses his Velocette !
1951-1 Farmer John Draper
1952-2 Howard Grindley at Quarter Bridge
1952-3 Geoff Duke
1953-1 The 1953 Junior TT Norton team
1954-1 Fritz Hillebrand and Manfred Grunwald
1954-2 Geoff Duke and Reg Armstrong
1954-3 Freddie Frith astride Ray Amm’s ‘Proboscis’ Norton.
1954-4 Dickie Dale rounds a wet and Windy Corner
1955-1 Frank Perris
1955-2 Fred Hanks and E. Dorman
1955-3 German Georg Braun
1956-1 Double 1956 Clubman winner Bernard Codd
1956-2 Ken Kavanagh leaves Governors Bridge
1958-1 MV teamsters Carlo Ubbialli and Tarquinio Provini
1959-1 John Surtees
1959-2 Luigi Taveri accelerates away from the Manx Arms
1960-1 Mike O’Rourke, braking for Governors Bridge
1960-2 Lanky Pip Harris and Ray Campbell
1961-1 Gary Dickinson
1962-1 The jaw the style. Unmistakedly Bob McIntyre
1962-2 Hugh Anderson at Signpost Corner
1963-1 Geoff Duke
1964-1 Mitsuo Itoh
1964-2 Florian Camathias
1965-1 Max Deubel and Emil Horner
1965-2 Bill Ivy in the Senior TT
1966-1 Peter Inchley
1966-2 Ralph Bryans leads Luigi Taveri at Quarter Bridge
1966-3 Chris Conn
1967-1 Akiyasu Motohashi round the Gooseneck
1967-2 Pete Butler (Triumph, 17)
1967-3 Renzo Pasolini at Ballaugh Bridge
1968-1 Angel Nieto
1968-2 Bill Beevers
1969-1 Rodney Gooch
1969-2 Roy Hanks debut
1970-1 Dave Dickinson and Stan Cooper
1970-2 George Fogarty
1971-1 Giacomo Agostini
1971-2 TT Newcomer Barry Sheene
1971-3 Charlie Sanby
1972-1 Mick Grant rounds Governors Bridge
1972-2 A crowded road at Ginger Hall
1973-1 Tom Herron at Ginger Hall
1974-1 Dave Croxford for John Player Norton team
1974-2 Helmut Dahne
1975-1 Charlie ‘Radio TT’ Williams
1975-2 750cc Harley Davidson's in the Classic race
1975-3 Rolf Steinhausen and Josef Huber
1975-4 Nigel Rollason
1975-5 Fred Walton
1976-1 Joey Dunlop pictured at Quarter Bridge

Bill still has a small number of Peeps at the TT Past 2000, price £1.00 inc. post UK, £1.50 Europe & £2.00 Rest of World.

Please make cheque payable to Bill Snelling and send to

Lossan y Twoaie,
Glen Road,
Isle of Man, IM4 7AN,

or call and collect a copy if you are here.
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