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Laxey Photographic Show 2009

Sulby Glen Photographic Show 2009

A picTTure captures a moment in time

 Mike Hailwood
Click for large picture and full story The 1963 TT saw the return of the four-cylinder works Gileras to the Island for the first time since Bob McIntyre set the first 100mph lap on one in winning the 1957 Golden Jubilee TT. Geoff Duke managed the two- man team of John Hartle and Phil Read in 1963, and John set very respectable times during practice. [ FULL STORY ]

 Quick-change Hans
What is odd about this photo?
The immediate, correct answer is that here we have a BMW Rennsport with a Norton front end - forks, wheel and brake. This he was to use in the Senior TT of 1969, giving him a non-stop run to 14th and a Silver Rep - “handled like a pig though”!! [ FULL STORY ]

 Joey at Quarter Bridge
But this was not his first ride - can I put forward the following for the perusal of statisticians and motorcycling historians. The record books show that Joey took part in 97 TT races and 2 MGPs. [ FULL STORY ]

 On the Mountain Mile
In the 1950s, it was a tradition that the TT winning machines were put through their paces by journalists after the race. [ FULL STORY ]

 Look at that tyre mark!
Click for large picture and full story The Vincent Black Shadow was one of the few bikes of the early 1950s that could leave a black tyre mark on acceleration and even then it took a determined rider to do so. [ FULL STORY ]

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