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NW200 Viewing suggestions? - Stav - 03-05-2015

Looking for NW200 Viewing suggestions, for the Saturday please?.

Staying in Portstewart, happy to stroll about.


RE: NW200 Viewing suggestions? - Raynetjr - 03-05-2015

Depends what sort of thing you'd like to see - a slow bit or a fast bit ­čśÇ. The bits in the towns will be busy so you'll need to get there early. Metropole is good - if you get a decent spot you can see from the entry in to metropole to church. Then there are all the chicanes like juniper hill but I don't know if you get a good view for free any more - it's been a while since I've been able to get back. If you want speed walk along the course from York Corner and either find a spot near station corner or go beyond and watch the drafting. The best bit is you can always move around between races to see something different. When are you arriving? Remember they have contingency days now - they may pull things forward if the weather forecast is bad...