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Marshalling - Tripster1050 - 26-05-2015

Looking into volunteering as a Marshall for 2016 TT/MGP.
Has anyone on here got experience of marshalling and any advice, views, opinions. All greatly received and thanks in advance Shy

RE: Marshalling - Steady the Edward - 27-05-2015

just do it !! but take it seriously , it can be dangerous , it can be boring but if you are in the right frame of mind it can be rewarding it can be fun with great comradery and a way of making life long friendships , but you must also remember you can end up at the sharp end of messy unpleasant incidents that have to be dealt with by YOU and the ones around you , your team and you will always be put with a team , and being a team player is very important , hero's can be dangerous flying loose in the middle of a team game , but I have been doing it for nearly 10 years now and have loved it no regrets


RE: Marshalling - Tripster1050 - 27-05-2015

Fantastic advice steady and extremely honest and welcome. Thanks for taking the time to respond too.

RE: Marshalling - Malcolm - 27-05-2015

(27-05-2015, 05:21 PM)Tripster1050 Wrote: Fantastic advice steady and extremely honest and welcome. Thanks for taking the time to respond too.

Have you tried taking a peek at the Marshals Webite -  TT Marshals

There is a link on there to a couple of Instructional Videos for Marshals - Introduction To Marshaling

RE: Marshalling - Tripster1050 - 27-05-2015

Sure have Malcolm, been doing some reading but also wanted some first hand advice from guys & gals on the site with first hand experience.

RE: Marshalling - canamant - 27-05-2015

Eddie is right. I've marshalled for 10 years and competed in 4 Manx Grand Prix so I'v eseen it from both sides. It can be very rewarding. You will get the best training, support of everyone around you, meet friends every 12 months and feel like it was only yesterday, and have the eternal gratitude of the riders for allowing them (ok us) to do the most exciting thing possible on a motorbike. But please be aware that it can also be the worst experience you have ever had and YOU have to deal with it as a professional. In that time between the dust settling and the helicopter arriving, there is no plan B, no phone a friend. Good luck.

RE: Marshalling - Steady the Edward - 27-05-2015

dont let us going on about the dark side of the job put you off for when you look back on that time as Canamant puts it ( In that time between the dust settling and the helicopter arriving,) and realise that you were part of a team that just did it and that the training you were given was the best you could have had for what you have just dealt with , and if you find what you have been through is affecting you don't bottle it up , talk first with your team then don't be afraid to ask for counseling it is there and there to help YOU , but at the end of the day you could go to some places that you will never get anything to do for fifty years other than sweep the road , but as riders must we also must accept that the brown stuff can hit the fan ,but to put it in to perspective I have been doing it for 9 years and on the Island have only been at the scene of one incident , at short circuit over the same period I have picked up hundreds none that would be upsetting in any way broken bones here and there but thats all , do it and tell them Steady the Edward sent you lol


RE: Marshalling - Tripster1050 - 27-05-2015

To say the dark side doesn't cross my mind more than once would be lying and it has to be considered I think seriously. I'm not going to be a no show or timewaster, I want to give it 100% and the main reason for asking for perspective and advice.
At present I'm thinking of doing the training course later this year and marshalling in 2016 hopefully the full 2 weeks. The course would give me some more confidence and ability to help more

RE: Marshalling - Nev14 - 28-05-2015

I believe the preference is to do some marshalling first and then do the IMC because you will have some idea what it is all bout having done some first. It is expensive for the TTMA to run the courses and would not want to have you train and then find out on the first occasion of actually marshalling that it is not for you. There are many aspects to marshalling and you will not be asked to do something you are not comfortable with. None of us can be 100% sure of how we will react first time to a major incident.

RE: Marshalling - bill - 28-05-2015

I'm a bit of a newcomer, first marshaled in '10 and have marshaled each year since.  I mostly marshal the Classic/MGP although I did the TT one year.  It does takes a commitment to do the job, I feel I want to give back for the enjoyment the sport has given me for 50 years, both as a spectator and a participant. 

The Marshal assoc. wants you to put in a full event before training, marshaling is not for some.  You will be assigned to work with an experienced marshal who will be your mentor.  As a new Marshal no one will expect you to be working with a fallen rider, there is a lot of "grunt" work that needs to done at any incident.  Any pieces that may be on the track need to be dealt with, spills need to be cleaned up, etc.  Anyone that has reservations about dealing with an injured rider need not be put off, there are lots of other tasks to be dealt with, from closing the roads and putting hay bales in place, to help with carrying a stretcher with a rider who has been stabilized and "packaged" by more experienced marshals.

Try it, if it's not for you, no problem, just let Muriel know and move on.  If it is something you enjoy, take the IMC course after your first year and have fun while supporting the best event in the world. 

RE: Marshalling - taxman - 01-06-2015

I did my first stint on Saturday. I was briefed by the DSM and placed with a more experienced marshal. We had an incident free session and only four spectators at our location.

Initially we were relaxed and joking but when the bikes started coming past at speed, it suddenly became more serious. We were focused on the radio in case we were asked to display a flag but also on the passing bikes looking for offline riders, tankslappers and any possible mechanical issues. Concentration was needed for the full session.

It was only when you're stood there at the side of the road that the sense of responsibility kicks in and its certainly not a role to take if you just want to get a good view or a free program.

Will I do it again? - Probably.
Was I nervous? - definitely.

RE: Marshalling - bill - 01-06-2015

Taxman, a good report and very good observations.  You are obviously serious and that's very good.  Try it a few more times and the nerves will subside.  The responsibility and the seriousness of the job will be the same, but after been in that role several times it should be less stressful and you can enjoy the time without loosing your attentiveness. 

RE: Marshalling - Tripster1050 - 14-06-2015

Thanks everyone, just back from an amazing TT. My reasons for the interest in marshalling are good and honest. All advice is great and I'm hoping to Marshal at next years TT. Booked to travel for race week but when tickets are re released next year I'm going to book for practice week with bike. Nervous will set in but looking forward to it. Thanks again everyone

RE: Marshalling - lancepar - 15-06-2015

Glad you enjoyed yourself.

If you haven't done one of these free courses, then I can thoroughly recommend you or anyone else does.

A great day, with snacks included and usually includes a simulated incident so you can put in to practice what you have learnt.  


RE: Marshalling - tigerted - 21-06-2015

(01-06-2015, 01:18 PM)taxman Wrote: It was only when you're stood there at the side of the road that the sense of responsibility kicks in and its certainly not a role to take if you just want to get a good view or a free program.

Will I do it again? - Probably.
Was I nervous? - definitely.

That is my view as well. This was my first year of doing it during practice and race week. Because of delays I found myself not being able to do what I had intended and I was knackered by the end of it all.
But given all that before next year I intend going on the safety course and whilst I missed out on doing what I had intended I was with a great group of people and my sense of responsibility did not allow me to choose not to attend any of the sessions.
And finally I ran the right way, towards him when a young lad come off on the mountain so at least I now know I have the courage to help any unfortunate racer that comes unstuck.
Go on do it. The TT needs you.

RE: Marshalling - BRADDAN OAK - 21-06-2015

TRIPSTER1050, Some really good advise by all, you sign on to be a marshal, and enjoy the experience.

RE: Marshalling - Smidsy - 22-06-2015

The +'s, great camaraderie, seeing the same people each year & catching up, (if you go back to the same sector), as a rookie you wont be left alone, maybe viewing from a spot the general public just cant, also giving a little back is a great feeling.

The -'s, you may have to assist in an incident, you need to stay on post whatever the weather, (no nipping the boozer for a warm leaving your post vacant (but you can swap with cover)), you cant take photo's or drink alcohol.

As other posters have said, don't be put off by giving it a try, you wont be asked to do anything you're uncomfortable with, there should be plenty of experienced people around, especially to deal with any injured riders/incidents.

Incidents are sometimes scary, but the sense of doing a good job at the end of them is honestly overwhelming, (as you see the helicopter fly off).

If you enjoy your taster in 2016, then sign up for an IMC when you get back, I personally think if you sign up and attend one before it could all seem a little daunting, as some of the things covered may seen out of context, however if you've already been on the ground you can see why they are done in the order they are.

Best of luck, and hope to have you in our ranks for next year.

RE: Marshalling - maybolezx12r - 23-06-2015

We always go to Guthries as our base post at least 2 days in Race week and pick the rest out a hat to try and give us good experience of all sectoras and locations.Works a treat

+`s for us-Get to give something back to our wonderful sport,there to assist these wonderful racers if they need our help,get teh best spots to watch,meeting some great people.
-`s-Incidents can be hard to deal with,stuck on the mountain until raods open(can be damp and cool lol),miss out on ramsey sprint and teh laxey show if racing postponed to the next day.
All in all a great experience just suit yourself do a few sessions and see what you think.