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RE: GM Speeding on Pit Row - smokey125 - 10-06-2015

To put this into perspective the difference in time over 100m between 60Km/h and 55Km/h is 0.6s. I would guess the pit lane is somewhere between 100m-200m nearer 100m. So you can choose to push your limiter right up to 60 to try and save a couple of seconds over two pit stops but risk losing 60 seconds of penalties.

Canamant, you could go into the office and get your official speed from there. I’m not sure how the radar (if it’s even radar) works and you are told it’s only for indication. However like you I don’t have a speed limiter so I used the indicator on the board but kept it safe.

I think there is some confusion about how a speed limiter works on these bikes. All the rider does is brake and hit the limiter button. They don't have to judge the speed it's preprogramed into the engine management system.

RE: GM Speeding on Pit Row - canamant - 10-06-2015

Smokey, surely the speed/rpm limiter can't brake for you.  It can't bring you down to the set engine rpm but can only stop you from going through it on the way up.  They must have to judge the speed somehow to ensure they are at or below limiter setting then accelerate up to the limiter before they cross the loop. If they haven't lost sufficient speed by the time they hit the pick up loop, they will incur a penalty.

RE: GM Speeding on Pit Row - Muddles - 10-06-2015

Thinking about it the cruise controll gizmo in the missus' car controlls speed and not revs, maybe its a German thing, maybe she's guy martin!! That would explain her sideburns..

RE: GM Speeding on Pit Row - Hot Wings - 10-06-2015

This is what Rebecca Smith and Guy had to say about the pit road penalty.

Rebecca Smith, Team Manager: “We can’t be too disheartened as neither of the Triumphs missed a beat. The crew did two great pit stops and we got two top twelve finishes so it hasn’t been a bad day at all. But for Guy to get penalised was frustrating. The limiter was set at 55kph and we tested it during practice week and it was fine so all we can think of is that the growth of the tyre threw the settings out. I’m gutted for Guy and the team but at least we get another bite of the cherry on Wednesday.”

Guy Martin: “I hadn’t been out on the bike for a couple of days and having been on my Superstock bike in the morning I was a bit lazy at the start and I think my first signal said ‘P13′. That woke me up a bit and I started to get my head into the race a bit more and the lap speeds were pretty good. As for the pit lane penalty, what can I say? It’s frustrating to say the least. The limiter was set well below 60kph and it was the same rear tyre that Gary Johnson used last year so we’re not sure why it happened. It’s frustrating like I say but the bike was faultless and we can give it another go on Wednesday.”