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rider names/number - bill - 04-08-2015

Have the riders names, classes and start number been posted yet?  I don't remember seeing them, but I often miss a lot of things these days.


Rider names - numbers - bill - 05-08-2015

Has a list of rider names and numbers/start positions been posted anyplace?


RE: rider names/number - smokey125 - 05-08-2015

I'm not aware of any published list. In previous years there has been lists on the website but I can't find anything.

RE: rider names/number - Carole - 06-08-2015

Not publically listed in need to invest in a programme.

RE: rider names/number - lancepar - 06-08-2015

Once upon a time the info was published on the MGP site but now I understand it is only available to Riders and ex-riders who are registered and maybe Manx Motorcycle Club Members
AFAIK that is.

Do they still publish practice times? Not a full list maybe but better than nothing.


RE: rider names/number - AOMR Racing - 06-08-2015

(06-08-2015, 09:20 AM)Carole Wrote: Not publically listed in need to invest in a programme.

I suppose if riders wanted to they could put their start numbers on here.

Don't mind starting it off

Classic Junior       number 31
Classic Senior       number 37
Classic Superbike  number 47

Not long now.........