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Marshalls - shipleymanx - 05-08-2015

I see from facebook that we are already looking for marshalls for the manx. I suggested that when the riders sign on, that a note is given to them asking for extras if we are still short. That will give a day or so to sort it out. Also if we are short on the first Sat, why don't they make sure it is fully manned to Ramsey, let everybody have a run to there, then come back over the top with the TM's. That way we all get a lap in, you get chance to give the bike a run, and you then have Sunday to check it over again. As the practice time is getting shorter every year, and if you run a classic, you need ever lap you can get, just a thought

RE: Marshalls - taxman - 05-08-2015

I like that Shipley - I think its a great idea.

RE: Marshalls - shipleymanx - 05-08-2015

Trouble is it needs the powers  that be to take it on board. I don't think people realise how important Sat session is. If you get a lap in then, even if its only one, you feel as though your on your way. If we don't get Saturday in then you only need a problem on the Monday and you are starting to panic.