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Tuesday 1st September - Malcolm - 28-08-2015

[Image: festivallogo.jpg]

Tuesday 1st September

Roads Close at 11:30 until no later than 17:00.
and if required then 1800 until no later than 2100.

14:00 - Newcomers A, B & C

 [Image: radiottlogo.jpg]
07:30 - 18:00

Manx Radio TT Coverage
07:30 - Bikers Breakfast
09:30 - Full Throttle
Noon - TT Diner
14:00 - Burn Out

Detailed forecast

Issued on Tuesday, 01 September 2015 at 8:30am by Ronaldsway Met Office

Isolated showers at first will die out to give a mostly dry day with sunny intervals developing and any hill fog lifting during the morning. The light to moderate north or north-westerly wind will pick up gradually, becoming moderate to fresh during the afternoon, with temperatures reaching 17 Celsius.

[Image: mountaintuesday.jpg]
The mountain looking North at 10:15 hrs

Bungalow Webcam- HERE

Live Timing HERE

RE: Tuesday 1st September - Malcolm - 01-09-2015

[Image: mgplogo2015.jpg]

Qualifying and race schedule revised for today

A revised race schedule will see a packed afternoon of qualifying and race action today.

The roads around the mountain course will close at 11.30 with the MGP senior, junior, super twin and lightweight qualifying sessions to run from 12.00pm.

The crossing points around the course will open an hour later, re closing at 1.45pm.

The IMGold newcomers race will then run from 2.00pm with the roads scheduled to open for the rest of the day from 4.20pm.

Roads remain open and an announcement is to be made at 12:30 regarding the start (or otherwise) of racing.
(Reason - The mountain section is too wet to race on)


13:00 - Roads closed

14:00 - IMGold Newcomers Race (shortened to 3 laps from 4)

15:45 approx. - Senior, Junior, Supertwin, Lightweight Practice

16:20 approx. - Practice ends

Roads open by no later than 17:00.

RE: Tuesday 1st September - Malcolm - 01-09-2015

[Image: mgplogo2015.jpg]

IMGold Newcomers Race (shortened to 3 laps from 4)

Damp patches in places around the circuit

13:45 - 15 minute signal sounded

14:00 - and the Newcomers Race is GO

Frederic Besnard leads away down Glencrutchery with Luke Collins following. Next is Darren Cooper ad Donald Gilbert. Dean Court and Ashley Blake go next, Ross Orchard and Daniel Anderson are next to go. Neil Kernohan and Marc Colvin are next away.

Glen Helen - Lap 1

First man through on the road is F Besnard and a gap to D Cooper L Collins and D Horan. Next is D Gilbert and then close is A Blake, next is D Court, now it is D Anderson and R Orchard. Kernahan goes through.

1: N Kernahan
2: B Lee-Evans
3: P Wilkinson
4: C White
5: D Horan
6: D Anderson
7: A Blake
8 R Whitall
9: N Pautet
10: D Cooper

B Lee-Evans takes the lead at Ballaugh
P Wilkinson clocks a 159 at Sulby
Kernahan stopped at Barregarrow

Ramsey - Lap 1

First on the road is F Besnard next is D Cooper, then it is D Horan closing, then a gap to A Blake and L Collins together. Next is D Horan and D Court, Gilbert and Orchard close together

1: B Lee-Evans
2: P Wilkinson +19
3: D Horan
4: D Cooper
5: C White
6: A Blake
7: N Pautet
8: S Procter 
9:  R Whitall
10: M Colvin

Keith Terry given a time "credit"
30 sec penalty given to Besnard

Grandstand -End of Lap 1

First across the line is D cooper who goes straight through as does F Besnard. D Horan comes into the pits. Next it is A Blake and P Wilkinson into the pits, Next is D Court. Wilkinson is away. In is L Collins. Lee-Evans goes straight through.

1: B Lee-Evans
2: P Wilkinson + 26
3: D Cooper
4: D Horan
5: N Pautet
6: C White
7: A Blake
8: S Procter
9: R Whitall
10: E Kjuus

Glen Helen - Lap 2

First through is F Besnard and D Cooper. Then a gap to D Horan and next is B Lee-Evans closely followed by P Wilkinson, next is R Orchard

1: B Lee-Evans
2: D Cooper +35
3: N Pautet
4: P Wilkinson
5: F Besnard
6: R Orchard
7: D Horan
8: A Blake
9: D Court
10: M Colvin

D Cooper clocks a 160.9 at Sulby

Ramsey - Lap 2

First through on the road is D Cooper (very tidy), a gap to F Besnard, then a longer gap to  D Horan and then B Lee-Evans, next is P Wilkinson and then R Orchard and A Blake. Now it is D Court and N Pautet. Now it is D Anderson

1: B Lee-Evans
2: D Cooper +42
3: P Wilkinson
4: N Pautet
5: C White
6: E Kjuus
7: R Whitall 
8: D Horan
9: R Orchard
10: A Blake

Grandstand - End of Lap 2 - Start of Last Lap

First into the pits  Besnard and D Cooper, next is P Wilkinson, then D Horan, next is B Lee-Evans. A Blake goes straight through, as does D Court. Next is N Pautet

1: B Lee-Evans
2: D Cooper +43
3: P Wilkinson
4: N Pautet
5: C White
6: D Horan
7: R Orchard
8: A Blake
9: D Court
10: M Colvin

A long pit stop by Lee-Evans now brings D Cooper neck & neck with Lee-Evans after the pit stop.

Glen Helen - Last Lap

First through is D Cooper, a long gap to P Wilkinson and D Horan.  A big gap to Lee Evans then A Blake, D Court is next

1: P Wilkinson
2: Lee Evans +12
3: D Cooper +12
4: D Horan +37
5: C White
6: S Procter
7: E Kjuus
8: A Blake
9: N Pautet
10: D Court

D Cooper clocks a 162.9 at Sulby

Ramsey - Last Lap

D Cooper runs through with a large gap behind him to the next man who is P Wilkinson. Next is D Horan then a gap to B Lee-Evans. A Blake, Dean Court and Frederic Besnard all go through. Next is R Orchard and now it is M Colvill and D Anderson

1: P Wilkinson
2: B Lee-Evans + 11
3: D Cooper +17
4: D Horan +41
5: C White
6: S Procter
7: E Kjuus
8: A Blake
9: M Pautet
10: M Colvin

Grandstand - Finish Line

D Cooper crosses the line first, a gap to P Wilkinson then a gap to D Horan. Next is Barry Lee-Evans. 

1: P Wilkinson
2: B Lee-Evans +7.7
3: D Cooper
4: D Horan
5: S Procter
6: C White
7: A Blake
8: N Pautet
9: D Court
10: M Colvin

Gary Vines is the Class B Winner- then it is Sam Cross and in 3rd it is Sean Connolly 

Elwyn Fryer is the Class C Winner - then it is Masayuki Yamanaka in 2nd with Robert Smith in 3rd.

Final Place Results

Race Report