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Great Junior MGP race - Bill Peacock - 03-09-2015

This years MGP Junior is the best race I've seen recently on the TT course.
As well as it being a good close race I actually knew what was going on from no 21 onwards due to the field starting in numerical order as all TT & MGP races used to.
Thanks to the MGP organisers for this eventually some one had a bit thought for us mere spectators sitting on the banks watching, cheers to whoever thought going back to the 'proper'way of running a race on the TT course.
Come on TT organisers you need to go back to the way TT races used to be run, nothing untoward happened during the race & riders actually overtook fellow competitors it is called 'racing' and a few faster riders were moved up the starting order to blank starting numbers changing their numbers so we could follow the racing as it used to be!!!!
10/10 to MGP organisers