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TT(Classic) on the tele. - Superbike - 04-09-2015

I enjoyed the coverage of the classic TT on itv4 last night although the races were compact to a very short space of time. With little funding for programs theses day and the reality type shows being the order of the day I thought they could have milked there coverage for maybe two or more episodes with a longer visit to Jurby, showing more of the actual racing and having the MGP feature maybe follow a newcomer, show what it takes to get an entry. I think the TV folk missed a trick here or is it just me having to wait 267 days until my next island fix and wanting more now.

RE: TT(Classic) on the tele. - simonk - 04-09-2015

agree totally, I would love to have seen some interviews and found out more about the history of some of the bikes, spot of bike tech porn is always good telly

RE: TT(Classic) on the tele. - dommyman - 04-09-2015

It seemed more like the Steve Parish, Jamie Witham and Steve Plater show to me. They are supposed to be the presenters in my opinion, and not the Stars of the Show !

RE: TT(Classic) on the tele. - veefour - 05-09-2015

My thoughts exactly. Any coverage is welcome but this was just me, me, me Rolleyes!!!!

RE: TT(Classic) on the tele. - DBD 34 - 05-09-2015

Totally agree, quite apt though that the organizers want to turn the event into a circus act that we have a couple of clowns presenting it. Plater to be fair was a good rider in his day and deserves a chance, Parrish should be put out to grass, Whitham needs to go back go his day job presenting Dragons Den.

RE: TT(Classic) on the tele. - AntG - 05-09-2015

I don't know about the other races but the F1 sounded like a cracker, shame it didn't get more than a couple of minutes.

RE: TT(Classic) on the tele. - numptydad - 05-09-2015

the program was awful, as usual. The presenters are intrusive with too many of 'em, ........................ oh, never mind, don't get me started.