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Well Done Splashdown - BenjiesDad - 04-09-2015

Great third place finish today,
Did you ever think you would get get back on the podium 40 years after your first race here !

You are a bad influence on a lot of people !

Well done Nick.

RE: Well Done Splashdown - simonk - 04-09-2015

are ex-TT riders/winners allowed in the MGP? Are former MGP winners allowed in MGP?

I may have some blurry memories of things as i am entering the age of dementia but I thought that was the case?

RE: Well Done Splashdown - c iom tt - 04-09-2015

Very, Very impressive!!!smiliesmiliesmiliesmilie

RE: Well Done Splashdown - Alfie Noakes - 04-09-2015

(04-09-2015, 03:45 PM)simonk Wrote: are ex-TT riders/winners allowed in the MGP? Are former MGP winners allowed in MGP?

I may have some blurry memories of things as i am entering the age of dementia but I thought that was the case?

Used to be the case(I think - getting on myself here) that if you won the MGP you couldn't enter again or couldn't enter MGP if you had raced previously at the TT but there was an odd exception if you had only raced in the TT proddy races and I think you were still allowed to enter the then Classic races if you had won the Lightweight, Junior or Senior. These days it's all different, my late mate Neil Kent won the Lightweight on a TZ250 and was allowed to return the year after where very sadly we lost him. I think these days the restrictions are less if at all as not everybody who wins wants to race at the TT and the trail and days of winning @ The Manx before you go to the TT are gone.

RE: Well Done Splashdown - Revvin rich - 04-09-2015

Well done Nick there's still life in the old dog your a credit to all sixty odd year olds !🇬🇧👍

RE: Well Done Splashdown - Alfie Noakes - 04-09-2015

Bravo, excellent work .. a superb ride.

RE: Well Done Splashdown - captainsparkledotcom - 04-09-2015

Bravo, that man!
Hat's off to you,
wish I'd had more time over there to visit the pits and wish well to you all.

RE: Well Done Splashdown - Jan Grainger - 06-09-2015

Well done Nick. I remember the smile on your face as you finished last year but this years placing should keep the smile continuing for at least the next 12 months. Great race.

RE: Well Done Splashdown - Splashdown - 06-09-2015

Thanks all of you, it is really appreciated.
In answer to simonk, I an assure you that I am eligible for the event, even tough I've won the Manx and the TT.
The rules were changed about 5 years ago.
I really am not bothered about doing any damage to my reputation (!)
I am just happy to be able to race round the most fabulous circuit ever created, maybe help the Newcomers a little, and encourage up and coming riders. If my presence on the course helps then fair enough. If I am in the way, I would stop immediately. I only ever want to be competitive.
My position as an Ambassador to the Manx Grand Prix is important to me, it is an event I have held close to my heart since the 1950s.

I am sure that there need to be further updates, and changes to the event, and discussions will no doubt commence very quickly.
Now is not the time for me to make any comment. 
However, I would like to offer my congratulations to other riders for their successes, commiserations to those who weren't so lucky, sympathies to the injured, condolences to the families of those who are not returning home, (there were two road fatalities in addition to the competitor), and thanks to everyone involved in the running of the Manx, particularly the Marshals.
It is still the most amazing event, something that needs to be nurtured not destroyed.

RE: Well Done Splashdown - simonk - 07-09-2015

Hi all, wasn't having a go, sorry if that's how i came across, was just curious. Totally well done, and i hold you in the highest regards, and still have the image of you sliding and spinning on your back through Mathers Cross (was it Mathers? I'm getting old..) burned on my brain!

Long live the MGP and all those who support it!

RE: Well Done Splashdown - Superbike - 07-09-2015

Well done Nick a true inspiration and a true professional top work from a top fella.

RE: Well Done Splashdown - full-chat - 09-09-2015

well done Nick and congrats on having competed at the IOM  for the last forty years!! and it seems like yesterday when i saw you win the TT in 1993 ,it was nice to meet your pit crew who were next to us in pit lane ,and we enjoyed our chat with them and yourself  at the presentation ceromony,i reckon my lad will be racing again next year (hopefully without the motor blowing again) do you think you will  "be back".?