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Southern 100 Spectators - bsa499 - 11-12-2015

Having hung up my leathers following an 'incident' during the 2014 Senior Classic TT I and my mechanic marshalled at the 2015 event (which was great) and we're now going to the 2016 Southern 100 as spectators. We've never been before so can any forum members give us tips on places to stay, good viewing spots for the races etc please? We'd be most grateful.

RE: Southern 100 Spectators - Nasher - 12-12-2015

This year I stayed at King Williams College - a basic room & great breakfast for a very reasonable price. It's also walking distance to the circuit, Castletown & the airport. Highly recommended.

RE: Southern 100 Spectators - Nev14 - 12-12-2015

Enjoy watching from Joey's Gate as they head towards Ballabeg. Plenty of parking in field just be respectful of the farmers crop which many are not and tramp through them.

RE: Southern 100 Spectators - ericcane - 13-12-2015

The grass banking on the other side of the road to where Nev14 said is a good spot as well.
Church Bends and Iron Gate are good as well,but you need to be there early.

RE: Southern 100 Spectators - bsa499 - 13-12-2015

This is great information, many thanks.