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TAB CB350K4 - AOMR Racing - 23-03-2016

David Gawthorpe engine, refreshed 2015 THREE RACE MEETINGS ONLY since. Bates small plug conversion and camshaft needle roller end cap conversion.

Lighter crank and race rods.

Low 5th gear.

Scitsu Lockheed etc etc

DAVIES MOTORSPORT - frame, front end, rear shocks, rearsets, tank, seat, exhausts.

Keihins (new type) Electrex world ignition etc etc. Many many titanium fittings.

Bike and wheels built new for 2015 season

Includes a Harris paddock stand and a bike bench.

The fuel tank is aluminum and the engine runs on Castrol R.


Ready to race.

RE: TAB CB350K4 - AOMR Racing - 23-06-2016