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Manx pubs, good and bad? - laverda77 - 28-05-2016

One of the best things about going to the TT for me is visiting various pubs on the island,but like everywhere, there are changes, any thoughts or suggestions folks?

RE: Manx pubs, good and bad? - Revvin rich - 28-05-2016

Well where I stay in port erin theres the falcons nest wide range of beers and largers gets quite busy in the evening and then there's the Bay on the sea front it's run by the guy who runs bushys there again it's got a wide range of beers and largers my favourite tipple at the Bay is bushes tail bitter both do excellent food too! There's one or two others in the town too the Station Hotel is ok too.

RE: Manx pubs, good and bad? - captainsparkledotcom - 28-05-2016

The Old Market Inn in Douglas!.
Dave raises many a shilling for the S100 helicopter fund, is a regular contributor to the TT forum, and, of course, has hosted the traditional Mad Sunday TT forum meeting, furnishing us with free pasties & pies!
The White House in peel is a cracking real ale pub too.
The Hooded Ram brewery in Douglas has beer straight form source, usually at a good price on a Tuesday.
Rovers Return in Douglas is a very pleasant experience.
Bushys tent not as much!
Pubs on the prom tend to be not cheap & too busy for us, but we're getting really old now.

RE: Manx pubs, good and bad? - Superbike - 30-05-2016

I agree The Old Market Inn, The Hooded Ram, The Rovers Return are all great watering holes of choice, also The Cat With No Tail have bands on nice grub great location. The Queens Hotel and Terminus Tavern are very nice to sample a drop. If out on the circuit The Sulby Glen Hotel, Ginger Hall and Creg are all interesting as well. Beer2 Beer2 Beer2

RE: Manx pubs, good and bad? - beemermax - 30-05-2016

What about pubs further out from Douglas Captain Sparkle? Probably looking for food as well as we're only on B&B.

RE: Manx pubs, good and bad? - Azman - 30-05-2016

The Shore Hotel at Gansey, nice spot good food, and an outside tap to wash the bike if needed

RE: Manx pubs, good and bad? - BcakWeleher - 30-05-2016

There is such a thing as a "bad" pub???

RE: Manx pubs, good and bad? - taxman - 31-05-2016

The brewers of Okells are known here as "the brewery". Its actually a company called Heron & Brearley. They operate more pubs than anyone else and to a certain degree have a monopoly. That however doesn't mean they're bad. The Queens, The Cat and The terminus are all "brewery" and have all been recommended in this thread already.

In Ramsey, try the Trafalgar (no food there btw) for cheapish beer. The Plough is a quirky little place and The Swan (brewery) also serves food.

RE: Manx pubs, good and bad? - captainsparkledotcom - 31-05-2016

Sorry beemermax, missed your post there!
Can't really help you much out of town.
The Marine on Peel front was good for beer & food, has a massive dining room round the back.
The Railway at Union Mills is usually the place we spend 'Swallyday' (no bike day & if you get picked as the 'designated drinker', well, it can get a bit messy!) & the beer is good, but food is just usually chips & burger cooked out the back.

The original IOMTT forum had many threads on this subject, and is still accessible from my 'Helpful Hints' link below.

RE: Manx pubs, good and bad? - numptydad - 08-06-2016

Is there still a pub called the Dog's Home, in the harbour area?  "Traditional"   i.e. a bit  rough in my day.

RE: Manx pubs, good and bad? - DBD 34 - 08-06-2016

Dogs Home is sadly long gone.

RE: Manx pubs, good and bad? - numptydad - 08-06-2016

Typical, replaced with glass and concrete I suppose. 
Anyway, thanks for the reply

RE: Manx pubs, good and bad? - Alfie Noakes - 09-06-2016

(08-06-2016, 04:15 PM)numptydad Wrote: Is there still a pub called the Dog's Home, in the harbour area?  "Traditional"   i.e. a bit  rough in my day.

The thick smoke down to feet level in The Dogs was traditional - it was like it every day :o), other traditional stop-offs no longer with us are Legs of Mann, New Strand, Theatre Royal, Ridgeway and a few more I can't remember haha it was a proper tour/crawl around those watering holes. There are still quite a few left though on The Barbary Coast as it is/was known along and just off the quayside in between the railway station and the quay bridge -, Bridge, British, Saddle, Clarendon, Albert,  Old Market.

RE: Manx pubs, good and bad? - domboy - 06-09-2016

Apologies for coming to this chat so late (only became a member 12 hours ago)

I will be making my first visit to the TT next year and just want to get an idea of average costs for eating and drinks.
I'm sure it will all vary depending on where we go on the island but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

And sorry if this is a repetitive question.

Cheers folks

RE: Manx pubs, good and bad? - warrior - 06-09-2016

It really depends which part of the U.K, or even part of the world, you are from.

For example, as a Uk Northerner who moved here, I find it is generally a little bit more expensive to eat and drink, not massively, but I suppose a Londoner would say it's about the same as home, or maybe a bit cheaper.

There are plenty of places to choose from, and prices to suit all budgets from McDonald's upwards.

I'm sure there will be a few others adding some recommendations to this thread for you in due course.

RE: Manx pubs, good and bad? - captainsparkledotcom - 07-09-2016

As an example, there is a shop called 'Dealz' in Douglas, it's 'Poundland' under a different name, exactly the same shop but everything is £1.20.
If you work to that ratio, you'll not be far out!

P.S. That may be mentioned somewhere else on this forum, now I come to think of it!!!

RE: Manx pubs, good and bad? - domboy - 07-09-2016

Thanks folks. All information is welcomed.


RE: Manx pubs, good and bad? - bsa499 - 07-09-2016

The Glue Pot (Castle Arms) in Castletown is good, they serve a variety of ales and a particularly good Okells MPA. Similarly the Woodbourne on Woodbourne Rd in Douglas serves a couple of ales (and lagers of course) again including a well presented Okells MPA. Not sure about food though, we tend to focus on ale!!! We did eat at the Shore Hotel in Laxey and that was fine but they only had one ale on, Bosun's bitter (brewed on site) which was good but we prefer pale ale.

RE: Manx pubs, good and bad? - BrianW - 08-09-2016

Hi Dom,
All the above are good choices, this year we visited the Woodbourne and the Shore and agree with the comments, a personal favourite is the Creek Inn at Peel, a bit pricey on food, but it is good stuff and several real ales on offer, oh ! and a nod towards the Whitehouse as well.
Love the Captains Poundland reference, about 20% more is spot on.

RE: Manx pubs, good and bad? - HammerHead - 08-09-2016

Hi Dom,

We've found that for two a pub type meal along with a drink each worked out at about £25 give or take two or three pounds.

Of particular note were the Raven in Ballaugh (loved the Okells Ravensclaw in there) and the Marine in Peel (good food in generous helpings).