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Where's Radio TT? - DBD 34 - 29-05-2016

Been tuned in to 1368 since yesterday and no Radio TT as yet....just tried again five minutes ago and there was some religious tripe on it.
Radio TT ain't the best anyway but it's better than someone harping on about the last supper...

RE: Where's Radio TT? - DBD 34 - 29-05-2016

We were sat on the hedge at Gorselea for last nights practice, had the radio on for the practice reports (not Radio TT btw) it was more like a request show yet again, you had five minutes of practice then ten minutes of "such and such wants to give a shout out to such and such" what is that all about? My wife made a good point "if they really want to give a shout out why don't they pick up the phone and do it themselves?"

RE: Where's Radio TT? - Revvin rich - 29-05-2016

I think it's tomorrow

RE: Where's Radio TT? - captainsparkledotcom - 30-05-2016

07.30 this very morning.

RE: Where's Radio TT? - DBD 34 - 30-05-2016

Wasn't even on half an hour and they played the Ting Tings, how very predictable.

Too much DJ's trying to be comedians and not enough TT chat.

RE: Where's Radio TT? - Stroller - 30-05-2016

Please spare a thought for those of us who have to put up with the dire Manx Radio all year

RE: Where's Radio TT? - SILJA - 30-05-2016

Stroller, Try web radio! Several others to choose.
Here is my favourite!

RE: Where's Radio TT? - King Orry - 30-05-2016

Nah, the trite excrement is all part of the TT.
RadioTT is TTop Class.

'The ferries are flat out, more bikes stream from the jetty.
RadioTT's the soundtrack, over to Mavis and Betty'.

RE: Where's Radio TT? - captainsparkledotcom - 30-05-2016

It's that time again!
Over to you King Orry!

RE: Where's Radio TT? - RedlineRick - 30-05-2016

"the Ting Tings"  Had to Google that one...  meh

Heard way to much Michael Jackson already... y'all should know better.