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RE: Norton - budgesrsv - 14-06-2016

Outstanding performance from Norton and Davo ! Why do people put down a British effort ? Is a BMW fitted with k-tech suspension, brembo brakes etc a true BMW ? Or is it just the engine that matters ?

RE: Norton - AntG - 14-06-2016

I know, old Nortons didn't always have Norton engines, very good TT for them and thankfully Davo was ok after his crash in the Senior.

RE: Norton - eman1948 - 14-06-2016

So was it the bike last year or Cameron Donald judging by his times this year?

RE: Norton - Revvin rich - 14-06-2016

well what a TT for Norton a strong 7th in the superbike race and a 130mph lap as well ,what ever they have done to it has worked and a terrific ride from davo Johnson and still the best sounding bike there well done to all concerned!

RE: Norton - Chrisp955 - 14-06-2016

I think the frame and engine management systems
Have been reworked from last year.I seen them testing at Jerby asked Mick Grant a few questions, he said they are 18 months away from there own engine based on a Aprilia lump I guess.
Think Cam just had a lot of bad luck this year and if it's not going right you can't go out on the island and push hard

RE: Norton - Superbike - 15-06-2016

I think the more races the Norton gets the more data collected the more the team can do to improve. I must admit I was impressed with Davo's lap times and a solid finish in the Superbike race, long may it continue and hopefully they will have there own engine in the next few years.