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FOM - b5070 - 29-07-2016

Just a few words, saying how thrilled I am about how the Classic TT has attracted so much attention since its inception. I was definitely pro 'Keep the Manx pure' for the longest time, but finally succumbed to the sheer magnificence of the grid line ups. Now a 250 race? It's basically back to when I first started racing - with (thinly Vintage cloaked) Superbikes to drool over. The TT has gone from strength to strength - after the knockers saying its days were numbered, and no matter what it's called, any racing in Sept is a great thing. Sad - I won't be there for the races (unless I win the lottery!) - and only yesterday framed a pic of my 'red jacket' RD350 (in TX chassis) race on (the old) Jurby track. I'm sure Ned Bowers & Richard Kneen remember those old days -- when a good few of us were hankering after riding the 'big' course. Long may the Manx live, and introduce so many to something very few will ever actually experience (the dedicated short circuit folks) in their racing lives. I love the 'stars' (well - most of them!) racing Vintage iron, and most of all the resurgence from the TRUE Vintage brethren, who are 'strutting' their stuff again - many years down the road. Names --- IDK -- it doesn't bother me really -- call it what it really is - freaking awesome!

RE: FOM - Revvin rich - 03-08-2016

Well said sir I'm for any racing on the mountain course and yes its growing from strength to strength I hope everybody has a safe ride at this years races,i only wish I could make it to this years event.