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Tuesday 23rd August Practice + Updates - Malcolm - 16-08-2016

[Image: festivallogo.jpg]


Tuesday 23rd August 

1820 – 1905 Classic TT Junior & Senior, MGP Lightweight & Supertwin No Newcomers 

1910 – 1945 - MGP Senior & Junior, Classic TT Lightweight & Superbike No Newcomers

1948 - 2005 All Newcomers

Weather Outlook

Issued on Tuesday, 23 August 2016 at 6:15am by Ronaldsway Met Office

Early rain and drizzle should soon die out this morning to leave it mostly dry although still generally cloudy for much of the day with some hill fog and just a few brighter intervals. 
The mainly moderate east to southeast wind will soon swing southerly. 
Top temperature about 19 Celsius.
 Sunset: 8:29pm Today

RE: Tuesday 23rd August Practice - Malcolm - 23-08-2016

[Image: festivallogo.jpg]

Conditions are described as improving around the Mountain Course with visibility increasing so it is intended that tonight’s qualifying session will go as scheduled.

Roads are currently due to close at 6pm this evening until no later than 9pm.

The revised schedule, which is different to the one published in the programme is:

6.20pm: Classic TT Superbike and Lightweight / Manx Grand Prix Senior and Junior

7.05pm: Classic TT Senior (500’s) and Junior (350’s) / Manx Grand Prix SuperTwin and Lightweight

7.45pm Manx Grand Prix Newcomers (A & B)

Please also note that the public car parks for the event in Nobles Park remain closed until further notice due to the recent heavy rainfall.

Tonights Results

Classic TT 350/500 / MGP Lightweight / Supertwin / (No MGP Newcomers) - Superbike ResultsLightweight Results

Senior / Junior / Classic TT 250 / Superbike (No MGP Newcomers) - 350cc Results500cc Results

MGP Senior -  Senior Results                              MGP Junior Junior Results

MGP SuperTwin - SuperTwin Results                 MGP Lightweight - Lightweight Results

Newcomers A -  Newcomers A Results                Newcomers B  - Newcomers B Results