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Friday 26th August Practice + Results - Malcolm - 16-08-2016

[Image: festivallogo.jpg]


Friday 26th August

1820 – 1915 - Classic TT Junior & Senior, MGP Lightweight & Supertwin, Newcomers included

1920 – 2000 - MGP Senior & Junior, Classic TT Lightweight & Superbike, Newcomers included 

As a result of Thursdays shortened session, Gary Thompson announced, a change to tonights final qualifying session schedule, in that the Classic TT Senior and Junior machines would have first use of the track followed by the Superbikes and Lightweight machines.

Weather Outlook

Issued on Thursday, 25 August 2016 at 8:45pm by Ronaldsway Met Office

Friday will be fine with a good deal of sunshine and a mainly moderate southwest wind. 
Temperatures rising to about 19°C.

Classic TT: Senior / Junior / Lightweight. MGP: Lightweight / Supertwin / Newcomers B

Classic TT: Superbike and Lightweight. MGP: Senior / Junior / MGP Newcomers A

Senior results - Junior results - L'weight results - SBK results

Senior all sessions - Junior all sessions - L'weight all sessionsSBK all sessions

MGP Senior  - Senior Results     MGP Junior -  Junior Results

MGP SuperTwin   -  SuperTwin Results     MGP Lightweight -  Lightweight Results

Newcomers A - Newcomers A Results     Newcomers B  -  Newcomers B Results

Cumulative Results to Friday 26th

MGP Senior  - Senior Results  -   MGP Junior -  Junior Results

MGP SuperTwin  -   SuperTwin Results   -  MGP Lightweight  - Lightweight Results

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RE: Friday 26th August Practice - numptydad - 26-08-2016

Friday practice, good showing by Maria Costello. fair does

RE: Friday 26th August Practice - numptydad - 26-08-2016

Oh, and a Ducati on the leader board Newcomers. a change there.