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Vision Nine venture 'ill-conceived' - Malcolm - 31-03-2017

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Former MGP rider before scrutiny committee

A former Manx Grand Prix competitor has called the government's plan to outsource the running of the TT 'ill-conceived'.

Edward Bowers was giving evidence to a Tynwald committee this morning, as an investigation into the failed Vision Nine contract re-opened.

The exclusion of local motorsport bodies when discussing the issue was criticised by Mr Bowers.

He said there was no invitation for agencies with an interest to submit their views in the 2006 Scope of Government report - instead politicians sought advice from independent consultants.

Mr Bowers - who has also served as a director for the Manx Motor Cycle Club in the past - claimed the Department of Economic Development issued the running of the TT to the highest bidder.

A deal for Vision Nine to run the event collapsed last autumn, just six months into a ten-year contract.

Here's an excerpt from Mr Bowers' evidence:

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RE: Vision Nine venture 'ill-conceived' - larryd - 04-04-2017

And why, Ned, would not the DED who know sweet fanny adams about our sport, give the contract to Vision Nine, who know even less?

Is this not further evidence of the long-standing ignorance and self-aggrandisement and self-interest of a very large part of the Manx "Government"?

And I thought that we here in N.I. were bad  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

No contest

Censored Censored Censored

RE: Vision Nine venture 'ill-conceived' - Malcolm - 04-04-2017

[Image: vision9logo.jpg]

Vision Nine had 'no idea' what it was bidding for says MMC director

Vision Nine had "no idea" what it was bidding for when the company tendered for the TT promotion contract.

That's the view of a director of the Manx Motorcycle Club who says he doesn't understand why the UK based company was appointed.

John McBride gave evidence to the Economic Policy Review Committee which is investigating the failed deal last week.

[Image: listenhere.jpg]

Club chairman Harvey Garton also gave his view - he said he believes the company was wrong for the job and another bidder would have been more succesful:

[Image: listenhere.jpg]

[Image: 3fmlogo.jpg]

RE: Vision Nine venture 'ill-conceived' - Jeff Kirby - 06-04-2017

Audio files for 31st March can be found at