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Ballaugh Bridge - Roadrash - 20-04-2017

Are there any crossovers at Ballaugh Bridge so I am not stuck on one side of the road?

RE: Ballaugh Bridge - Stroller - 20-04-2017

There is an access corridor between Kirk Michael (Douglas Road Corner and Station Road) and Glen Road at Ballaugh Bridge which is usually open between racing

RE: Ballaugh Bridge - AndyL - 03-05-2017

Supposedly if you take your wellies, you can cross under Ballaugh Bridge when the roads are closed... anyone tried it?

RE: Ballaugh Bridge - HammerHead - 04-05-2017

I think you would need access to the garden of the adjacent property on the outside of the course. If I recall they had a notice up regarding trespassing when we watched from there in 2014.