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Citywing airlines... - Tiberius - 22-05-2017

This might be common knowledge but I have I have only just found out. It would appear that Citywing have gone bust so scuppering my visit to this year's TT.

If anyone else has a flight booked with them then it looks like think again....Just do a Google search, it's all out there.

Icon_cry   Icon_cry   Icon_cry

RE: Citywing airlines... - c iom tt - 22-05-2017

Went bust quite a while back. I would have thought anyone who had a booking with them would have been contacted?

RE: Citywing airlines... - duc998 - 22-05-2017

I had 2 flights booked and payed with Citywing, 1 flight for southern 100 and another flight for classic tt. I had payed it with my visa debit card and rang my bank and they were able to get me my money back through what is called chargeback. The bank wanted a hard copy of my confirmation emails from citywing, and they did the rest. Ive now re booked with Eastern Airways for near enough the same price as citywing...

RE: Citywing airlines... - Tiberius - 22-05-2017

(22-05-2017, 10:52 AM)c iom tt Wrote: Went bust quite a while back. I would have thought anyone who had a booking with them would have been contacted?

Nope.....I have not heard a thing from them or anybody else. It was only when I started looking at actually getting to Blackpool airport (trains etc) that I saw the info re Citywing on the Blackpool airport website. You MIGHT think that this is a bit last minute, but I've never had this sort of issue before (I'm 59 and have been travelling the world for yonks)

I reckon that I am probably one of the lucky ones. I am pursuing the airline for a refund.....and that's that. There will definitely be people out there who are just finding out about this and have hotel bills to pay....Poor sods !!

Ah well, there's always next year...... Icon_cry

RE: Citywing airlines... - ericcane - 22-05-2017

Might possibly be able to help you.
I've got a spare foot passenger booking from 25 May (coming back) 31 May.Is it possible change sailings to suit yourself subject to availabilty for your dates.

RE: Citywing airlines... - Tiberius - 22-05-2017

Many thanks for this kind offer....I really appreciate it.

I have no idea if it's possible to change the probably is, but here and now, I'm sort of 'done' with this year's TT.

I have the feeling that my host (IoM B & B) knew about Citywing going bust but, for whatever reason. chose not to inform me.....Note, there is every chance that this may be miles out and it may just be me feeling sorry for myself. Whatever, I would rather not stay where I booked.....Long story short, no money has been lost. I'm NOT starting again.....Travel/Accommodation etc with two weeks to go.....I know it's my loss but STUFF IT !!!

AND my Mrs has just had ten days in Barbados on a 'You go there, I go to the TT' basis.......BLX..... Icon_mrgreen

RE: Citywing airlines... - c iom tt - 22-05-2017

The reason for them going bust was ridiculous. Pilot took off from Ronadsway enroute to Belfast and had to return because of the winds. Turned out he should never have taken off, airline has its licence suspended, and it all went down hill from there.
City wing did not own or operate any of there own planes

RE: Citywing airlines... - Stroller - 22-05-2017

Correct - Citywing were only a ticket agent, not an airline