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Great job ITV 4 production team! - laverda77 - 10-06-2017

Just want to congratulate everyone involved with the Itv 4 coverage of this years tt,what a great job of editing and getting these shows together quickly,I could only manage practice week,so the coverage was a delight.Especially good was the cameras being in new spots from time to time,as well as the usual favourite areas.As a TT goer since 1978 I will never take this TV coverage for granted,as I remember coming back from the TT then ,and any news of the event in the UK was non existent,in fact during Haiwoods return ,the BBC sports dept showed toffs kids racing round behind Shetland ponies in carts.( a slightly less exciting sport).So thanks again and Cam Donald's knowledge was a welcome addition too.

RE: Great job ITV 4 production team! - civ - 10-06-2017

I was unsure about Cam Donald at first but he definitely took to it more as the days went on. Great coverage from the whole team.

RE: Great job ITV 4 production team! - DBD 34 - 10-06-2017

Coverage is generally good, think they definitely need to offload Parrish though, also, who put the Superglue in Cams ass pockets, his hands were constantly stuck in them, he'd have been screwed if he took a tumble haha.

RE: Great job ITV 4 production team! - Sussex Ninja Gal' - 12-06-2017

I wondered why Cam had been drafted in to the team this year - as good an addition as he was. It transpired that James Whitham has been undergoing a course of Chemotherapy recently. I look forward to him recovering fully & giving the production team a selection headache for TT 2018. You never know, maybe Cameron will get a competitive ride next year & save the TV bods from their dilemma? Here's hoping.