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Hutchy V Dunlop Media Rubbish - warrior - 10-06-2017

Am I alone in thinking that all the cultivated Hutchy V Dunlop rubbish which this year seemed to be pushed in everyone's faces by the promoters of the TT, and which in turn was eagerly grasped by the ITV crew and mentioned at every opportunity during the coverage, was not in the spirit of our sport?

Let's face some cold hard facts here, the TT isn't a football match, the TT isn't a boxing match, riders lives are ultimately on the line here, as has so sadly been seen 3 times over the past week.

For that reason I find it quite simply childish and pathetic when race programmes are printed with alternative covers, encouraging punters to become tribal and buy a particular 'who do you support' cover, and when ITV devote parts of every broadcast to a supposed grudge match between two competitors which in reality exists only in the eyes of those trying to whip up some sort of fan frenzy.

As an ex rider, and someone who has been involved with the sport at just about every level for over 40 years, I have been to far too many funerals, and had to come to terms with the aftermath of racing's darker side more times than I wish to remember.

So to the instigators and broadcasters of this manufactured sensationalist rubbish, and they know who they are, I am talking here about certain civil servants and a front man for double glazing adverts who have never thrown a leg over a racing motorcycle and have no real understanding of the sport, you seriously need to grow up and understand one thing, this type of sensationalist rubbish has no place in road racing.

I ask those same people these questions, If Hutchy or indeed Michael had paid the ultimate price out there yesterday, how would you feel right now? could you live with what you had manufactured and pushed so enthusiastically into people's faces? would you sleep soundly at night?

Take my advice, promote and cover the TT for what it is, a unique event, the challenge of man/woman and machine against the toughest circuit in the world, and stop trying to boost ratings/attendance by turning the TT into some sensational grudge match, it isn't and never will be, this is NOT what the TT is about, and it never will be what the TT is about.

Think about it!!

RE: Hutchy V Dunlop Media Rubbish - ian333 - 10-06-2017

Could not agree more. The intense focus on Micheal and Hutchy is incredibly disrespectful to the other men and women out there. While I have my own personal favourites, I am a fan of the sport first. I accept the desire to mass market the TT in order to fully justify the public expense but the TT doesn't need to employ cheap tricks to do it. By all means allow fans to have their favourites but to focus solely on 2 riders creates an almost win at all costs atmosphere which is the last thing that should be promoted. There has been a lot of good changes over the years but I think they got this one wrong.

RE: Hutchy V Dunlop Media Rubbish - KypDurron - 10-06-2017

That's all true as said, it gets focused on too much, but from what I've heard, the lads are not particularly fond of each other and right now they are the two top lads, so it's not to say there isn't a rivalry there.

RE: Hutchy V Dunlop Media Rubbish - cregnybaa - 10-06-2017

warrior you are spot on with your post, good man.

RE: Hutchy V Dunlop Media Rubbish - DBD 34 - 10-06-2017

Yeah but who's programme sold more?

RE: Hutchy V Dunlop Media Rubbish - civ - 10-06-2017

Since they both posed for a cover, and filmed parts of the promo videos, I assume the guys themselves were both fine with it - isn't that what matters?

RE: Hutchy V Dunlop Media Rubbish - RedlineRick - 10-06-2017

Yea and in 2014 it was MD vs JM130...  your a little late!


RE: Hutchy V Dunlop Media Rubbish - sonnyjoe04 - 10-06-2017

Agree it is all built up to increase the interest and put bums on seats. I know MD and IH are rivals and not particularly fond of each other but I thought MD would have mentioned him in his press conference yesterday, even to acknowledge his absence from leg two, or wish him a speedy recovery. In past times I found racers were a little more dignified, maybe I am getting old.....

RE: Hutchy V Dunlop Media Rubbish - Sam Pato - 11-06-2017

From my own perspective the whole Hutchy MD rivalry and the bitterness of it is pretty much against everything I treasure the TT for (I don't think an MD vs JM130 dispute ever really existed).  The appetite for the newly involved mainstream media to grab an opportunity to sensationalise a well known rivalry is hardly a surprise but I still don't like it.

Both MD and Hutchy are fierce competitors - but then so is McG.  But for me the paradigm shift has been the behavior of MD.  He seems to need to create the animosity to motivate himself.  I've never seen it before and IMO its too aggressive for road racing for all the reasons given above.  I don't particularly care for Hutchy but I recall that part of his issue with Michael last year (as stated in the press conference) was that when he'd (Hutchy) tried to congratulate Michael he was getting shunned.  May be he's a bit over sensitive?  But I'm with the OP - the stakes are too high.  But if its there then you can't blame the media for covering it.


(Cue angry MD apologists keyboard warriors writing in block caps. )

RE: Hutchy V Dunlop Media Rubbish - sticky - 11-06-2017

Spot on Warrior. This sort of petty nonsense trivialises the TT and reduces it to a soap opera. Perhaps the organisers won't be satisfied until rival fan factions, decked out in the 'official shirt' of their chosen rider are fighting outside the bars every night.

RE: Hutchy V Dunlop Media Rubbish - Rednine - 11-06-2017

Please don't the perceived rivalry into football culture. I also heartily endorse Warrior's words of wisdom.

RE: Hutchy V Dunlop Media Rubbish - Sussex Ninja Gal' - 12-06-2017

Great post, Warrior, and I fully concur with your thoughts on the cringe-inducing (and potentially deadly) rivalry nonsense. Whoever was responsible for this wholly unpalatable marketing ploy should hang their head(s) in shame. I usually purchase a programme whether I attend the TT or not, but I didn't this year - due to the obvious. I sincerely hope the organisers take a long, hard look at the gross inappropriateness of this years marketing campaign & get back to upholding the respect that the event and competitors fully deserve. The well-being of riders is of paramount importance and should never be compromised. May lessons be learned and acted upon asap.

RE: Hutchy V Dunlop Media Rubbish - Rednine - 12-06-2017

What I meant to say was " Please don't let the perceived rivalry descend into football culture, I also heartily endorse Warrior's words of wisdom."

Apologies for my fat fingers!!!

RE: Hutchy V Dunlop Media Rubbish - RichR - 12-06-2017

Very well put Warrior. I didn't buy a program for that very reason. The TT is absolutely awesome in its own right and any rivalry between top riders is surely to be expected as a matter of course. Don't cheapen and demean the event and the riders who put it all out there.

RE: Hutchy V Dunlop Media Rubbish - DBD 34 - 12-06-2017

Oh behave, rivalries at the TT is nothing new, think back to McIntyre/Duke for the 100mph lap, Hailwood/Agostini, Hislop/Fogarty, Joey/McCallen, Joey/DJ etc etc.

Who sold more though? Be interesting to know.

RE: Hutchy V Dunlop Media Rubbish - scaramanga - 12-06-2017

when it gets as bad as a boxing match
then thats the time to take it serious or get really fed up with the stupidity
we all know its mind games which the media love
dot react so much and the media wont waste there times trying to get us wound up

RE: Hutchy V Dunlop Media Rubbish - RedlineRick - 13-06-2017

"Who sold more though? Be interesting to know."

The promoters... brilliant marketing plan.. now the collectors each have to buy two programs!