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Cause of Hutchy's crash - civ - 12-06-2017

From the man himself, looks like a punctured front tyre!

"Thanks to @manxathlete for the footage showing punctured deformed front tyre I didn't stand a chance same leg in a bad way I'm gutted 😩"

[Image: YPOTIcu.jpg?1]

RE: Cause of Hutchy's crash - Sussex Ninja Gal' - 12-06-2017

That's dreadful luck for Hutchy - both for for suffering a rare deflated front; & injuring the same leg which he was so fortunate to retain after that horrific incident at Silverstone. I sincerely hope he manages to recover as fully as he miraculously did before. If anybody can, Ian certainly can. My best wishes to a speedy recovery in the coming weeks & months.