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TT Coverage - BenjiesDad - 22-06-2017

Evening all,
Just trying to still play catch up with the coverage here,
After listening to it all live down here on the south coast,

Watching the one tonight, Qualifying,
There appeared to be a good follow on programme about Joey Dunlop,
Called Joey Dunlop the Man of the TT or something like that,
Starts off with the best bit of on bike going V for Victory,

But as you do when you pre record stuff, it finished 3 minutes in,,
Can anybody help us find it anywhere to watch,
As it looked like it was going to be a good insight into Joey and very up to date?

Cheers in advance,
Benjies Dad Icon_biggrin

RE: TT Coverage - HammerHead - 23-06-2017

It's from 2013.

You could buy it on DVD it's around the £20 mark. It has also been uploaded to YouTube :