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Welsh Road Racing - civ - 18-11-2017

Two day meeting starting August 2018 in the Brecon Beacons.

Gary Thompson clerk of the course.

Steve Plater rider liaison.

Should be good Icon_mrgreen

[Image: track.png]

RE: Welsh Road Racing - kilbil - 24-11-2017

If the track is on private land with no buildings or lamp posts were will the spectators be 400 yards away in the middle of no where. The track reminds me of the Ulster layout.


RE: Welsh Road Racing - HammerHead - 24-11-2017

Gary Thompson is NOT clerk of the course, according to his own Twitter feed. He will be out of the country when the event happens. He has said he will help with risk assessment as a courtesy.

RE: Welsh Road Racing - Alfie Noakes - 25-11-2017

have a look on youtube under "the welsh road race", it has a commentary from Steve Plater, the circuit/road looks really really good, reminds me of that truly fabulous and lovely narrow bumpy blind road circuit that was run at Jurby South back in the day. It'll be a proper handful on the big bikes.

RE: Welsh Road Racing - scaramanga - 25-11-2017

interesting clip that
but looks like its gonna be hard getting to any viewing areas

RE: Welsh Road Racing - Blademan - 30-11-2017

I spoke to Derek Smith who is one of of The Welsh Road Race committee members at Motorcycle Live, Derek said the public will not be able to view from just anywhere, there will be various spectating areas around the circuit.
They plan to have quite a few buses which will travel around the circuit between races picking up then drop of any spectators who want to view from a different location.
Might be OK if everything runs smoothly, but does any meeting run smooth? ........ Not sure what will happen if marshalls and roads sweepers have to clear up spillage etc etc between races.

RE: Welsh Road Racing - BenjiesDad - 30-11-2017

Looks very interesting,
Still awaiting a replie back from them as to what license you need to do it,
Subject on that, they could be oversubscribed with entrys with guys that need another tick on the box to get to the Manx !
Would be great if they could be flexible on that front,

RE: Welsh Road Racing - veefour - 30-11-2017

This looked brilliant at first sight & plans started for making a weekend of it. Looks good for the Racers , but if spectator areas are going to be that limited then I'm having second thoughts. It could prove too expensive just to watch buses starting & stopping to ferry spectators around between the actual racing. A case of watch this space I suppose !

RE: Welsh Road Racing - Splashdown - 01-12-2017

Just to clarify the post written by Benji's dad. It is unlikely any rider would need to race in Wales in early August for qualification in the Manx. This is because the qualifying dates for 2018 (for example), are June 1st 2017 until June 30th 2018, i.e.thirteen months. Thus the early August date for the Welsh TT would be qualifying for 2019 not 2018.

RE: Welsh Road Racing - Superbike - 06-12-2017

Car rallying has been run on epynt for a long time, I'm hoping it works out and becomes another great event in the motorcycling calendar, as the area has a lot to offer in fantastic roads, scenery and welcoming people very similar to the people of Ireland and the Isle of Man.

RE: Welsh Road Racing - civ - 03-02-2018

Cancelled for 2018 Sad

Quote:The directors of the Welsh Road Race regretfully announce the postponement of the 2018 Welsh Road Race. This is due to recent changes in legislation on the Road Traffic Act in Wales. A date for the 2019 event has already been requested and will be announced shortly.

On the 9th of January this year, there was a hearing with regard to the repeal of the Road Traffic Act. The repeal was to allow the use of closed Public Roads for Motorsport events. This repeal came into effect yesterday, on the 2nd February.

The Welsh Road Race had gained permissions previously, but the current change in legislation, has put the the timescale of the event into jeopardy, as there will not be enough time to obtain the correct permissions now to permit the event.

"We are working closely with the ACU, Crown Properties and Powys County Council to organise the Welsh Road Race, and under the new changes in legislation, the new deadlines that have been imposed, will make it very difficult to carry out a safe and successful event', said Derek Smith, Managing Director of the Welsh Road Race, " the Board of Directors are absolutely devastated, for all the supporters and all concerned with the event. We have began steps to contact all our supporters and sponsors who are involved in the event."

Paul King, Chairman of the ACU Road Race Committee said, "Following concerns raised with the Auto Cycle Union at the end of the year about the proposed Welsh Road Race in August 2018, Members of the ACU Road Race Committee recently met with the event organisers, to understand what was being proposed and what was required for the event to progress.

In order for the ACU Road Race Committee to sanction the event, a list of requirements required from the Organisers was agreed. It would appear that the timetable to achieve the event for 2018 cannot be achieved.

The ACU Road Race Committee will endeavour to assist the organisers in progressing the event for 2019."

RE: Welsh Road Racing - AntG - 03-02-2018

The problem I always found with this event is its timing, it's on the weekend between Armoy and the Ulster and it's on the very same weekend as the Thruxton round of British Superbikes so realistically how many "stars" would it have attracted?