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Road closure times - Gleesy - 15-05-2018

Just wondered if anyone knows what time the roads close for practice, if the practice itself starts at 18:20? Is it half an hour before the start time or earlier? We're arriving on 1st June (PM) and we want to get to a decent viewing point by car in good enough time.


RE: Road closure times - Chrisp955 - 15-05-2018

Thinks its normally 1 hour on the mountain road and 30 minutes on the rest of the roads

RE: Road closure times - Gleesy - 16-05-2018

Thanks for your reply - much appreciated.

RE: Road closure times - captainsparkledotcom - 16-05-2018

There's an 'Information File' on this webpage from IOM government with full list of road closure times for racing & events -

RE: Road closure times - Gleesy - 16-05-2018

Just printed it off and put it in my paperwork - very much appreciated !!

If I can get the tent pitched in time we should be able to make it to Gorse Lea for Friday practice........