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I'll come back again! - SILJA - 16-05-2018

Hi guys,

Just to let you know. We'll come back again! We've chartered an aircraft again. 100 fans of Isle of Man and the Swedish TT-rider Bjorn Gunnarsson, BG a MC-policeman. We'll arrive Thursday 31 of May around 1 pm in a direct flight from Stockholm to Ronaldsway. By roads and ferries we're bringing more than 50 vehicles on two wheels in a truck with a two stores container. BG will compete on his 1000cc BMW in three races and on his Honda 600cc as well in at least one race.

I'll try to show up in the Old Market Inn on the evening of Mad Sunday. I'll be quite busy this year as I'll work as a reporter in a directly transmitted pod cast in Swedish on the internet.

I enclose a picture of the group from 2017.

See U!


[Image: BG%2Bfanclub%2B2017.jpg]

RE: I'll come back again! - chris4652009 - 16-05-2018

how cool , have a fantastic TT all of you

RE: I'll come back again! - BrianW - 16-05-2018

Spirit of the TT winner right there.

RE: I'll come back again! - peter - 16-05-2018

Look forward to seeing you again

RE: I'll come back again! - captainsparkledotcom - 16-05-2018

Great stuff Silja!
Hopefully see you in The old market!

RE: I'll come back again! - taxman - 18-05-2018

Great stuff Silja. I'll keep an eye out for you all.

RE: I'll come back again! - Smokin Haddock Racing - 18-05-2018

Making the TT what it is. Brilliant!

RE: I'll come back again! - scaramanga - 18-05-2018

great story
hope this makes a tv interview to show others what can be done with a little help
my first tt was 1992 wanted to go before hand but took a mate to ask if I was going with him for me to make my first of many visits

RE: I'll come back again! - SILJA - 19-05-2018

Thank you for all the nice words! Expensive? Well with flight two ways, transfer bus on the island, ten nights in hotel with breakfast and an own bike to ride over there is about 1800 pounds.
We leave 10 am local time, two hours flight, landing 1 pm local time. Confortable!

RE: I'll come back again! - Alfie Noakes - 19-05-2018

getting all that sorted shows true dedication for the TT along with a great attitude .. fab to see.

RE: I'll come back again! - SILJA - 21-05-2018

Hmmm maths...We leave Sweden 10 am local time. At that time local time in Douglas is 9 am. Two hours flight and the estimated landing will be around 11 am and nothing else!