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Busy start to TT for police - Malcolm - 29-05-2018

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Man on course could face custody

Police say the first few days of TT 2018 have been particularly busy for them.

Speaking on Manx Radio TT this morning (Tues), Sergeant Andy Reid says a combination of the good weather, bank holiday and champions league final on TV have led to 18 arrests since Saturday.

And last night they had to deal with a man from West Yorkshire who was on closed roads at Crosby prior to last night's practice session.

This led to a delay in proceedings and Sergeant Reid says the man is now facing charges including hindering the conduct of a race, failing to comply with the requirement of a marshal and being found on a road prohibited by a road closure.

Chief Constable Gary Roberts has taken to Twitter to point out that whilst there have been numerous accidents, figures are on a par with the first few days of the TT period when there is good weather.

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