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Fabrice Miguet - Sussex Ninja Gal' - 12-08-2018

I've just seen the following update regarding the condition of Fabrice - who was involved in a serious incident yesterday during the Superstock race at the UGP. Unfortunately, it's not the news that any of us wanted to hear.

Statement from Dundrod & District Motorcycle Club 12.8.18
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Published August 12, 2018

Written by: Ulster Grand Prix

It is with much sadness that the Dundrod & District Motorcycle Club confirms that while Fabrice Miguet remains on life support, we understand that the medical expectation is that he has sustained injuries that are un-survivable.

The 49-year-old rider from Normandy, France, was taken to the Royal Victoria Hospital following an incident at the Joey’s Windmill section of the course during the Superstock race at the Ulster Grand Prix on Saturday 11th August.

Our thoughts are with Fabrice’s family, team and many friends at this difficult time.

RE: Fabrice Miguet - Smokin Haddock Racing - 12-08-2018

Very sad. One of the characters of this sport.

RE: Fabrice Miguet - HammerHead - 13-08-2018

I saw this yesterday, very sad news. 2018 has been a terrible year.

RIP Fabrice.

RE: Fabrice Miguet - H2pots - 13-08-2018

More sad news. This year has been bitter sweet.

It feels like every event of 2018 carries a tragic memory.

I really do hope and prey the classic tt goes through without such happenings.

RE: Fabrice Miguet - scaramanga - 13-08-2018

It's part of the sport
Not nice to hear about
At any event

RE: Fabrice Miguet - Sussex Ninja Gal' - 13-08-2018

Yet another sad loss in a season of great high's and desperate lows. I'm sure Fabrice will be greatly missed by his family, friends and fellow racers in the paddock: and he'll be remembered with affection. May he rest peacefully now.