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Monday 20th August - Cancelled - Bad Weather - Malcolm - 17-08-2018

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Monday Qualifying Schedule

Roads Close - 18:00 hrs Until No Later Than 21:00

18:20 ~ 19:05 - MGP Senior / MGP Junior / CTT Lightweight / CTT Superbike  (No Newcomers)

19:10 ~ 19:45 - CTT Junior / CTT Senior / MGP Lightweight & Ultra Lightweight

1948 ~ 20:00 - MGP Newcomers and selected Experienced Riders

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Evening Practice Coverage on Manx Radio AM1368 :

Saturday 18th – Thursday 23rd August : 6pm - 9pm (Saturday coverage begins at 5pm)

RE: Monday 20th August Schedule - Malcolm - 19-08-2018

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Monday Qualifying

Detailed forecast

Issued on Monday, 20 August 2018 at 11:50am by Ronaldsway Met Office

This afternoon & this evening will be mostly dry but cloudy with extensive hill fog and some coastal mist & fog, particularly for southern and eastern coasts.
Temperatures reaching up to 17 or possibly 18°C at best in the light and variable breeze.


RE: Monday 20th August Schedule - Stroller - 20-08-2018

Tonight's qualifying for the Manx Grand Prix and Classic TT has been cancelled due to poor weather.

Race organisers say after consultation with the Clerk of the Course and the Island met office, the session will not go ahead due to low lying cloud and mist on the mountain section.

Tonight's schedule will now run tomorrow evening (August 21)  - information on this is on our website.

RE: Monday 20th August Schedule - Malcolm - 20-08-2018

[Image: CregmistMonday.jpg]
The view from Creg ny Baa towards Kate's Cottage on Monday afternoon as low lying clouds and mist
threaten to disrupt this evening's Classic TT and Manx Grand Prix qualifying session.
Photo: Dave Kneen/

This evening, Monday’s, second Festival of Motorcyclng qualifying session has been called off because of low visibility on the Mountain.

A statement released by event organisers on Monday afternoon said: ’Following consultation with the Isle of Man Met Office, Clerk of the Course Gary Thompson regrets that this evening’s Classic TT and Manx Grand Prix qualifying session is cancelled due to the continued low lying clouds and mist on the Mountain section. He has been advised this will not clear in time for this evening’s session.’

Saturday evening’s opening session of the week was also curtailed early because of mist.

Weather permitting, the next qualifying session will be tomorrow evening (Tuesday).


6.20pm to 7.05pm MGP Senior/ MGP Junior/ CTT Lightweight/ CTT Superbike (no newcomers)

7.10pm to 7.45pm CTT Junior/ CTT Senior/ MGP Lightweight & Ultra Lightweight

7.48pm to 8pm MGP newcomers accompanied by experienced riders

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