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Trailer and Van Festival - laverda77 - 21-08-2018

Just back from first weekend of mgp practice,and it was a last minute decision  to go,as its usually the TT or Southern 100,unable to get a bike on any sailing ( A months notice isnt a lot time i know) i know why, both sailings were full of vans and trailers and hardly any bikes.For me part of the thing is to ride a bike to the island and use it while there,i live 300miles from Heysham and been over with G12 Matchless,Mz 250, and other old bikes.Ok if you have a unreliable Shuttleworth Snap and live in Wick,i undertstand, But if you live in the Midlands and bring a RC 30, a huge van,and enclosed trailer that aint motorcycling.

RE: Trailer and Van Festival - H2pots - 21-08-2018

I know what you're saying. A lot take vans that become homes when the bike is unloaded though.

For me though, I like to ride to the ferry, ride off the ferry and spend my time riding and watching the racing.

For some strange reason I feel more part of it all if I'm on two wheels.

RE: Trailer and Van Festival - AntG - 21-08-2018

I much prefer going on foot, far less hassle, the roads are far too busy for it to be enjoyable.

Also when I was at the TT this year there seemed to be loads of people who went over in vans with the bikes in the back.

RE: Trailer and Van Festival - BrianW - 22-08-2018

I understand the sentiment, but I think it is stages of life, single person on a bike no problem, family, tent, kids bikes etc on an RC30, bit more difficult. Also a friend of mine gets 3 bikes into his van, plus camping gear and it is a lot less than 3 bike crossings.
Having said that, the joy of riding off the ferry onto the island is still one of my greatest buzzes.

RE: Trailer and Van Festival - veefour - 22-08-2018

Reminds me of an amusing scene I witnessed at the Daytona 200 a few years back. Large well dressed American gent disappears into his large Camper Truck & reappears looking real mean dressed in his Hells Angel colors, gets his 'Hog' off the trailer & blast's up & down the street a couple of times. Loads the bike back on the trailer & reverts back to his previous self !! Had to be seen to be believed Laught01 .

RE: Trailer and Van Festival - Splashdown - 22-08-2018

Well Splashdown is riding his Pan European over tonight, however,in fairness, a van has taken my RC30 over.
Transporting your bike in a van IS the way these days. Everyone has that much clobber, I wouldn't be able to pack all the gear I need (normally includes golf clubs), on a bike.

RE: Trailer and Van Festival - laverda77 - 22-08-2018

Obviously  any ex TT winners are excluded from my rant ,regarding vans and trailers.personally i cant afford  either,but guys ,take a reality  check.the Elephant rally was about riding a bike to Germany in JANUARY.. the Manx is in AUGUST....I despair,  the MCNs drive to do 5000 miles,holy sh#t i did 10,000 miles on a Fs1 e, in one year in 1976.For every van  / trailer heading over to the manx there maybe 10 bikers sitting at home unable to go,me included.Perhaps in years to come with more inherited wealth,the last few TT fans will only be able to go to Heysham,to watch the few TT goers left towing Motorhome/Trailer/ Jacuzzi /Barbecue combos.Final rant ...When i come back from Douglas on Monday  night there were only 18 foot passengers,,and what looked liked a lot of room on deck, viewing from legends bar,yet i was told no room for a bike ??? Any one know why???.

RE: Trailer and Van Festival - scaramanga - 22-08-2018

agree with splashdown
a lot of time its down to how much gear you need so van/car is easy option
I couldn't go camping and just go with bike thease days
as for the empty spaces
serves them right I sussed out years ago don't panic book early on just keep looking far too many ferry spaces are reserved for the package companies trying to cash in on room/ferry combo deals
every so often they have to hand back somany unsold ferry places and then the racket puts them up for publice offering

RE: Trailer and Van Festival - Sam Pato - 24-08-2018

The last few years that I took a bike to the TT we went on our Enduro bikes.  The first year we got dropped off at Liverpool and over we went with backpacks etc.  Needed to sort out lifts / pick ups etc etc (in the days before mobile phones) was a major pain. We were B&B couldn't have done it camping. The next year we realised that Car + Trailer (for 3 bikes) was cheaper than the 3 bikes.  We loaded up 2 off road bikes from home and then put my stepfathers Trident on the trailer in the car park at Liverpool.  Makes no sense to me why it would be cheaper but it was a lot less aggro.

RE: Trailer and Van Festival - Alfie Noakes - 24-08-2018

It's the way people do things these days, I was amazed at a recent Cadwell club meeting - there were 30k+ motorhomes everywhere with WSB style set-ups in the paddock. Travelling mob handed in a van/trailer is much cheaper and more secure, not sure i'd want to let an RC30 out of my sight anywhere even on the IoM which is another sign of times and in standard road trim it will defo overheat in slow traffic unless you have a rad kit fitted. I see the point and fun of riding to/from and that feeling when you get off the ferry but that sort of outlook is sadly a reducing number these days, I used to do it but only because I had family accomodation and my kit already on the island. I do have a lot of respect and admiration for people who travel and camp for the Manx and TT.

RE: Trailer and Van Festival - Jan Grainger - 24-08-2018

Sign of the times, especially when you’re getting on a bit and need something more comfy than a little tent. I do so admire those who are tough enough to do it especially in this awful weather. Keep safe and dry everyone.

RE: Trailer and Van Festival - Nasher - 26-08-2018

Since 1976, i've travelled to the IOM in a variety of ways: on foot, by bike, car, plane & rental car, plane & shank's pony, bike with luggage sent to/from hotel by DHL.
The last option was the best until 2013 when i discovered the joys of putting a motorbike in a motorhome. This gives me the best of both worlds, a bike & somewhere to stay (we all know how difficult it is to find accomodation).

As well as a motorbike, I can bring with me a unicycle, longboard, paraglider, etc for non race days. (I generally spend 2 weeks at the TT & 2 at the Manx each year.)

I fondly remember leaving work on a friday night, riding from Kent to Liverpool in the pouring rain, queuing soaking wet (wet weather gear was not good in the old days) to have my tank drained out, arriving to a rainy misty Douglas and having to queue for petrol. Ahhh.... The good old days of rose tinted spectacles!!

By all means enjoy your way of travelling, but lets not be too quick to criticise others. As a pilot, I frequently use the expression "A mind is like a parachute, it doesn't work if it isn't open"