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Marshals - Smokin Haddock Racing - 02-04-2019

Marshal website now live to sign on.

RE: Marshals - Chris_Sav - 03-04-2019

All very bright and shiny but there is no option on the session selection screen that appears after login to inform them of non availability for TT2019. It insists you "Select a few".

RE: Marshals - Chris_Sav - 01-05-2019

Had sign-in info for something called 'its learning' a few minutes ago, never heard of it and did not ask for it so deleted it as with all spam.

Just spotted on the IOMTTMA site that it's a new compulsory marshalling course, might have been nice to tell us first before sending!

Also means IOMTTMA have given my email address to a third party without asking.

RE: Marshals - taxman - 02-05-2019

Privacy Policy is here