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Isle of Man Hyperbaric Chamber NEWS - Malcolm - 12-04-2019

[Image: HyperbaricAppeal1.jpg]
Hyperbaric Isle of Man - pictured is Debbie Barron and John Haughton

We need to raise £400,000 for new hyperbaric chamber

A new charity will run the hyperbaric chamber which could reopen by the end of the year.

The charity, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Isle of Man, plans to replace the two current chambers - which are closed - with one new chamber.

It needs to raise £400,000 for it.

’A massive amount of work has been happening behind the scenes,’ said charity director and former MHK John Houghton.

When the Peel Road facility closed because of technical issues in June 2018, it was treating 45 patients a day and they have been clamouring for it to reopen.

Mr Houghton said a new charity can ’start afresh’.

All those involved in the new charity - Mr Houghton plus its president Dave Downie, Ean Radcliffe, Debbie Barron and Keith Watterson - were involved in the former charity that raised funds, Friends of the Hyperbaric Chamber (the operational side was run under the Kevin Gray Memorial Trust).

’We were all supporting the charity at the coal face. Now we will have Dave’s expertise. He had left in 2017, but his heart and soul is in hyperbaric medicine,’ said Mr Houghton.

The obsolete chambers will be shipped off and once sufficient funds are raised the new chamber ordered, which will then take three to four months to be delivered.

In the meantime medical staff at Noble’s Hospital will receive training in hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

Having just one chamber means diving casualties will take priority over standard patients.

However this is very unusual, he said, and there were just four emergency treatments of divers in 2017.

The ultimate ambition is to relocate entirely to a new site at Noble’s hospital, but that will take years to achieve and the priority is on reopening as soon as possible.

’This will be more modern with all connections up to modern standards,’ he said. ’The old chambers lasted 50 years. This will take us forward for another 50 years. When the public is giving so generously why not give them the highest standards?’

Patients who were receiving treatment when the chamber closed should contact Debbie Barron with their preferred contact details.

Telephone 626394 between 9am and 3pm.

To donate visit -