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Contacting 'Homestay'.... - Tiberius - 21-05-2019

Is it me ??? (every chance.... Huh )

How on earth do I actually speak to someone involved with 'Homestay' ??

I have been around the houses with the FAQ/Contact links on the Homestay web site and I'm stuffed if I can work out how to speak to someone.

It's all very well them saying that they will sort out any disputes etc, but what happens if I arrive at my accommodation/19:00/cold wet windy and no welcoming party ? What then ? (apart from getting a skinfull and a night on a Villa Marina bench)

WhatdoIdo if I arrive and my host (apartment booked via Homestay) is a no show ??.....

RE: Contacting 'Homestay'.... - Moderator2 - 21-05-2019

If think the administration and inspections etc is handled by a company called Miquando, you could try looking them up on google.

RE: Contacting 'Homestay'.... - Malcolm - 22-05-2019

There is a post in the Accommodation section that provides a telephone number and email address for MIQUANDO and it has been there for a couple of years now.

RE: Contacting 'Homestay'.... - Tiberius - 22-05-2019

Thank you for the replies and info' ....Appreciated.

The contact details ARE on the Homestay web site, at the bottom of the contact email page. I obviously didn't look hard enough !!

Cheers guys.