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TT website - Chrisp955 - 09-06-2019

Just to say thanks to Malcolm for doing a great job again. Even though Im on the Island the form is the 1dt thing I check in the morning. Also the race reports are great as when your track side you carnt always hear the radio.
Hope you carry on with the site for years to come Malcolm and save us all from face book.

RE: TT website - Chris_Sav - 09-06-2019

Ditto from me as well

RE: TT website - JAT - 10-06-2019

And a big thanks from me Malcolm.

RE: TT website - Nasher - 10-06-2019

Malcolm you are a star!

Thank you for all your hard work

RE: TT website - Rednine - 10-06-2019


Another big thanks from me too. Invaluable info and updates.


RE: TT website - RedlineRick - 10-06-2019

Yes thank you Malcolm for all your service that you do and also for keeping the forum and your website in a old style PC friendly format and not going the phone/tablet stupidness way.

RE: TT website - ericcane - 11-06-2019

Thanks Malcolm.Great job as always.

RE: TT website - AntG - 11-06-2019

A big thanks from me as well, great work as always.

RE: TT website - Revvin rich - 11-06-2019

Cheers Malcom another great job done here's to next year's TT 2020.

RE: TT website - RichR - 11-06-2019

Same again, many thanks. Am glued to the radio and website over the build up and event. Thank You.

RE: TT website - veefour - 12-06-2019

It's a big thanks from me as well smilie .

RE: TT website - BRADDAN OAK - 12-06-2019

well done Malcolm, top man as usual. many thanks

RE: TT website - bsa499 - 14-06-2019

I imagine that moderating any website is difficult. From what I read almost all the contributors to this forum are respectful and sensible but I'm sure that's not always the case. There always seem to be a tiny minority that seems to want to spoil things for the vast majority and I'm sure that's also the case with this forum. So yes, I agree praise and thanks are fully deserved firstly for keeping the forum going and secondly for keeping it on an even keel. Many, many thanks Malcolm.

RE: TT website - Malcolm - 14-06-2019

Hi All,

I have read all of the above posts and can honestly say that I really appreciate every one of them.

Being told that you’re appreciated is one of the simplest and yet the most uplifting things you can hear.

Over the years that I have been running this website/Forum, I have had highs and many lows, I have co-sponsored TT winners and Manx Grand Prix winners and enjoyed that involvement. I have spent time and my own money in assisting various riders over the years and again, I have enjoyed that involvement. At the other end of the scale, I have had no end of trouble from those who are of the opinion that they can do as they want on the Forum, with no consideration for others, and I have even suffered threats of physical violence, that ended up with police involvement.

I have thought many times about simply closing the site down, but every time, after some consideration, "I think NO, I will not let them beat me". and posts like the above that you have all made, make me feel that IT IS worthwhile continuing.

So, even although I put in ridiculous hours during the TT and the Manx to provide what I can, I do it happily knowing that I am doing so for others to be a part of. I even log in every morning and evening when I am holiday to make updates and review the Registration Applications etc. Continual daily vigilance is necessary to eliminate and  filter out the potential SPAMMERS and HACKERS from locations worldwide, and at worst there can be as many as 30 or so of these each and every day. I do this, as I do not want the Forum spoiled by these people.

It is now some 20 years since I started this website and I do not know how long I will continue, however as long as I am happy doing so, then I will keep it going.

So again, to each and every one of you, Sincerest thanks for your posts, I really do appreciate it.


RE: TT website - Smokin Haddock Racing - 20-06-2019

Another thanks from me. Can't believe that you would get threats, that's just awful. Please keep up the good work. This place is a go to site for me. I think the contributors all seem good people, but maybe that is because the plonkers are filtered out by yourself.

Spirit of the TT award next year Smile

RE: TT website - Splashdown - 20-06-2019

Forgive me Malcolm, for not adding my thanks alongside everyone else on here. You perform an admirable task, providing us with as much information as possible. It is a lamentable reflection on the world of information technology that you face these "spoilers".
I wouldn't know how you cope with it, but thank goodness that YOU do!!

RE: TT website - captainsparkledotcom - 20-06-2019

yes, apologies too, from me, for not responding earlier.
You're doing a sterling job, long may you keep it up! (or for as long as you want to, anyway!)

RE: TT website - Sam Pato - 21-06-2019

Much appreciated here too.



RE: TT website - AntG - 21-06-2019

The thing for me is you provide an easy to use service and you post many news articles not just for the TT but for motorcycle racing in general and I can honestly say that if it wasn't for this site I'd have missed a lot of those articles and you provide a forum service for us to engage with each other, in the age of social media and false news/clickbait your website is an invaluable tool when it comes to following motorcycle racing and I check here several times a week(probably everyday during the actual racing season) so long may it continue as long as you feel fit and once again thank you.

RE: TT website - ericcane - 21-06-2019

Everyone else has said it for me. Icon_biggrin