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MGPRA Spirit of the Manx Award - Malcolm - 09-09-2019

[Image: RogerWibberley.jpg]

Popular winner of this year’s Spirit of the Manx Award was Rodger Wibberley from Huddersfield who has been competing at the Manx Grand Prix since 2002.

Rodger was presented with his award at the Villa Marina by Alex George, who was also celebrating 50 years since he won the 1969 Lightweight Race.

Rodger, 49, announced his retirement from racing on the Isle of Man at this year's event.  He first competed in the Manx GP in 2002, with his highest results coming in the 2018 Lightweight races where he secured two 12th positions.

For the past three years, Rodger has been a Riders Liaison Officer and Newcomer Coach passing on his vast knowledge of the Mountain Circuit to the stars of the future.

[Image: MGPBlackLogo.jpg]

PC: Dave Kneen, ManxPhotosOnline

RE: MGPRA Spirit of the Manx Award - BRADDAN OAK - 12-09-2019

Well done Rodger, GET pies in.