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Andreas Racing Association Update - Malcolm - 15-11-2019

[Image: AndreasHdr.jpg]

At the AGM held on 13th November 2019, the following people were elected on the Andreas Racing Association committee:

Neal Champion - Chairman

Andy Cowie - Vice-Chairman

Dave Corlett - Vice-Chairman

Linda Alton-Heath - Secretary

Emma Shimmin - Treasurer

Jennie Arnold - Road RaceSecretary  (responsible for restoration of the Jurby Road Races)

Liz Warden - RaceSecretary

Lottie Bennett - DeputyRace Secretary

Jill Madsen-Mygdal - MembershipSecretary

Dave Madsen-Mygdal - RidersRepresentative

Dave Moffit - RidersRepresentative

Dave Molyneux - RidersRepresentative (Sidecars)

This is not a replacement for the full minutes of the meeting, which will be posted separately.  

This is posted now so that everyone can immediately see who is now involved in running the club

Jurby Road - Race Comeback

[Image: JurbyRoadComeback.jpg]

RE: Andreas Racing Association Update - Alfie Noakes - 19-11-2019

Racing again on the roads of Jurby South - Fabulous, you'll soon know if if your machine handles/steers and pulls tall gearing after a few laps around those narrow bumpy roads, the start / finish straight goes on forever and the run up past the Pillbox is 'errmm entertaining to say the least.

RE: Andreas Racing Association Update - captainsparkledotcom - 20-11-2019

This is great news, another reason to hop on the ferry & visit The Rock.
All the years i used to listen to the races on the radio I said I'd go & have a look, then they stopped and, 
I have to admit, i never thought I'd get the chance again!