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Grandstand scoreboards consultation announced - UPDATED - Malcolm - 10-12-2019

[Image: manxradiologo.jpg]

The  future of the iconic TT Grandstand scoreboards is to be put out for consultation.

The Department for Enterprise says the worsening condition of the structure on Glencrutchery Road means it needs to be replaced.

The scoreboard was originally a mobile feature which became a permanent one in the late 1980s.

Significant repair work was carried out in 2018 to extend its operational life.

But the time has come to replace it

The department says it's fully aware of the place the scoreboard has in the history and heritage of the Island.

All ideas will be considered including a like for like replacement or something new which includes modern technology.

The consultation will run from Friday 13 December until the end of January 2020.

Give Us Your Views

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RE: Grandstand scoreboards consultation announced - c iom tt - 10-12-2019

Sorry to be a smart ar*e, but I predicted this a while back. It was only a matter of time that some corporate sells the DED ( or whatever they call themselves these days) on the advantage of a big LED screen, with all the advertising revenue that will potentially come with it. It not a matter of if, but when. I am just surprised it hasn't come sooner.
One thing is for sure, I will bet 100% it wont be replaced like for like, either that, or an LED screen will be hired in for the TT and Manx.

RE: Grandstand scoreboards consultation announced - Nasher - 10-12-2019

For me, a state of the art big screen(s), that could be used for lots of other events as well, would be a great idea

Live pictures from the commentary points, live timing & lots of other things besides - what's not to like?

The bikes have moved forwards over the years, it's time to upgrade the scoreboard

And before I get accused of being young (I wish) I'm a pensioner who has been going to the TT since 1976

RE: Grandstand scoreboards consultation announced - c iom tt - 11-12-2019

(10-12-2019, 10:30 PM)Nasher Wrote: what's not to like?


RE: Grandstand scoreboards consultation announced - captainsparkledotcom - 11-12-2019

Tradition is a thing of the past!  Confused 
It does look like there are going to be some big changes from next year, not least of which is the dropping of Friday eve practice.That's always our traditional
"first session" after arriving Friday afternoon, for many a year, for the Manx too.

RE: Grandstand scoreboards consultation announced - HammerHead - 12-12-2019

I think there is room for both traditional and new.

I sat in the grandstand for the 2014 Superbike race and it was great to see the scoreboard in operation. However, it must be said that's it is a huge undertaking and the information wasn't up to date after lap 1. In fact some of it was only completed just before the sidecar TT.

I would prefer a manual (scout operated) scoreboard to remain in place, but would also like a digital option too which would allow for all sorts of content possibilities - for which income would partially be a driver.

Tradition is important, but not necessarily at the expense of improvements. Ultimately though, how many people (as a percentage of spectators around the course) ever see the scoreboard in action?

RE: Grandstand scoreboards consultation announced - UPDATED - Malcolm - 18-12-2019

[Image: manxradiologo.jpg]

Scouts want to avoid all-digital TT scoreboard

Consultation taking place on replacement for existing structure

An all-digital TT scoreboard would be the worst case scenario for the Island's scouts.

That's according to the Manx association's commissioner for international affairs, Mike Southall MBE.

The Department for Enterprise is currently consulting on plans to replace the existing structure, which is at the end of its operational lifespan.

Whether sticking with a traditional scoreboard or introducing modern technology, Mr Southall is keen to ensure it's still operated by the scouts:

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