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Pre TT Meeting - Cancelled due to COVID19 - Malcolm - 21-01-2020

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RE: Pre TT Meeting - Reports & Results - Malcolm - 25-01-2020

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Blackford’s Pre-TT Classic Road Races – Regulations & Entry Forms

Southern 100 Racing, organisers of the Blackford Financial Services Pre-TT Classic Road Races are pleased to announce that the Supplementary Regulations & Entry Forms are now available to download off the club’s official website .

However, as the governing body for all motorcycle sport in England, Wales, Scotland and the Isle of Man, the ACU have not yet completed their negotiations with their insurance brokers, we are at the present time only allowed to accept entries from ACU and SACU Licenced Competitors.

MCUI and other FMN riders world-wide will have to wait to enter until the negotiations have been completed and permission is granted by the ACU.

As soon as this is received, hopefully in the next week, Southern 100 Racing will inform all riders from the MCUI and other FMN’s who entered in 2019.

This delay is unfortunate, but out of the organisers control and apologise for the inconvenience caused, as we realise that riders, teams, have to make travel arrangements in advance to ensure they are on the Isle of Man in plenty of time for the event.

The Blackford’s Pre-TT Classic Road Racestake place on Friday, Saturday 28th & 29th May and Monday 1st June 2020.