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Unbelievable! - bsa499 - 23-09-2020

I can't believe it! It's September 2020 and I haven't visited the Island since August 2019. Normally I'd have been across at least 3 times since then. What strange, strange times we're living in. Let's hope 2021 provides some semblance of normality. Ah well, in the meantime best wishes to all the TT website forum organisers and members 'til then.

RE: Unbelievable! - Manxman78 - 23-09-2020

It's been a strange year no bikes on the island no road racing the island has suffered without TT & MGP this year, Let's hope all teams, visitors, ect make it over for 2021. Look forward to seeing you all next year!.

RE: Unbelievable! - Nasher - 24-09-2020

Only 247 days to go before the TT and 331 for the Classic/MGP

Not that I'm counting 🙂

RE: Unbelievable! - eman1948 - 24-09-2020

If it Happens

RE: Unbelievable! - dommyman - 25-09-2020

We are booked for two visits next year, but with current UK restrictions set to last for six months, I am not very optomistic about it happening. I hope I am wrong, as I really missed my visit this year.

RE: Unbelievable! - Alfie Noakes - 25-09-2020

well if my main job in commercial facilities is anything to go by it's not good news - the big city office companies / banks / councils I work in were not planning to even review the working from home situation until early 2021 before the latest restrictions were put in place.